Spot te smurf



19-06-2005 21:25:32

Here's me getting my ass handed to me in Vanilla.

I go Inca 1 city start vs Turk. With only 1 ruin later I've made a very slow Classical time. Watch Ritz te smurf get all the ruins, watch his pattern on outback - very good!

I know 1 city start vs Turk is suicide and I do normally use villager scouts but I was being lazy thinking it's only Vanilla the guy probably sucks....

First exchange I lose two heavy cav for 3 civilian kills as he's got 4 hi made already. Then he attacks, and we fight to the end.

Note Ritz only zoom out a minute or so then zoom back in. A smurf trying to make their play look different....

Thought it was tl, felt like playing tl, fight starts and doesn't stop till one calls uncle. - gg.


19-06-2005 22:37:12

lol. Humble, I haven't played vanilla for like a year. You'd pawn me if I tried D.


19-06-2005 22:49:14

Well, props to Ritz then, good player. If anyone watches this got any ideas for me I'm sure I coulda won it just so full on so fast didn't think on feet enough.


20-06-2005 07:43:05

Nice, you forced him to come to T&P yet? ^^

Not Important!

20-06-2005 12:32:48

omg, pwned !1 ^^


20-06-2005 14:04:48

omg pawned! omg pawned! - check this shit out

Few tips for free for all.

1. DON'T start a fight with anyone of similar skill you will lose to a boomer.

2. When you find yourself surrounded by 2 experts, pretend you're not there.

3. Choose an economic nation you are good with.

Now strategically I prefer to be invisible in these situations providing minimal defense and presenting no threat....

Another tactic, which works well, is to roll the weakest link and boom off the sack and extra cities. Matt and 8888 both do this as I sit in my corner...

Fifty Fucking Eight Mr Not Important kekeke D


20-06-2005 15:12:56

FFA tip Choose aztecs and raid everyone on the map. Ca-ching.