Egyptian TCA defensive boom.



16-04-2005 19:21:02

Theory behind this is to supplement your defenses with all those free troops using TCA which Egyptians can build in Classical age. Then boom. It's a strat for water.

Military I try to make enough units to keep a bit of balance with all the free li so when/if attacked I can pull a few moves. This also gives me attack capability the moment I think I've found a good opening.

1. Go com 2 with 7 farms some fishermen and 2 cities in ancient (add third city if you're cheeky) Go Classical

2. Make Basic Military defenses (rax, stable, tower for militia) then make TCA.

3. Boom while keeping military balanced well to repel attacks.

4. When you feel you're rockin, start a fight lol

In rec I immediately added Colossus for it's booming powers if it was gone I'd have gone pyramids. There are plenty of wonders so plenty of options the TCA start just makes it much easier to boom as half your defenses are free.

Twice the free units save me in the rec

Then the third bunch come in for the kill.



17-04-2005 01:56:59

hmmm i tried that once in t&p, problem i had was that tnx to wealth spending on TCA it took too long to get in IV and you're stuck with stupid LI that have huge upgrade cost in IV...


17-04-2005 02:14:22

I hit gun pretty nicely. I always when doing a boom let my opponent age first and take the discounts. I do this until I'm on the offensive then I try age ahead.

Gold wasn't a problem. But I had relics ;)

I go com as first research and get dock in immediately. Makes big difference to gold.

Com, sci, sci, com...

I think in T&P the Despot and Senate really screw early gold up. But you do get a market.

Also, in T&P, I'd do without Despot and go for the extra 50 commerce so you got 70 of the 225 gold saved there...

I make TCA before any other wonder because of its early availability to Egyptians making it a feasible defensive measure, and because of ramping costs of wonders and the high gold cost on TCA.


17-04-2005 02:23:58

A com 2, civ 2 start in ancient?
I think i'd rather spend all that money from the farms and the fisherman on knowledge + raiders immediattely ^^

Also i think your tca will be raided extremely heavy before its up...


17-04-2005 02:42:26

I must say that on water, pretty much any strategy is feasible (including this one). Though especially with Egy, I usually prefer 1 city com2 on water, hehe.


17-04-2005 02:51:04

Civ 2 I was just being cheeky. It's a water map have you watched it or just making shit up to argue about?

This worked, and it worked vs a good player with excellent rares (sugar, papy, dye on water map).

The 2nd city in ancient was added rush proofing/defense as I knew I was going for TCA.


17-04-2005 08:16:27

No, i didn't watch it i only gave my opinion about the eventual civ 2 P


17-04-2005 11:46:59

Did this again last night fucking pawned.


17-04-2005 12:05:38

Good tip for TCA start. Get half dozen hi before/as it's made to avoid ramping costs so as you hit gun with 8-10 li the heavy inf dont cost you 200 odd res each.