14-04-2005 04:31:46

I m not sure if i should make a new topic or just post it in a forum. Sorry if im wrong here. But one question concerning market. Is the caravan line shorter if you playce your market in second city or does not it effect anythinf. Of course its hepful for distance to ruis but for caravan line?

Does archer shoot faster if u use force march?




14-04-2005 04:37:33

1) No, the caravan will still initially travel between your first and second city. Maybe there's a bit of an effect if you have 3 cities and 2 caravans (since you will trade between ur 2nd and 1st city and 2nd and 3rd city instead of 1st and third and 1st and 2nd) but it's probably almost nothing cuz ull get com2 and a 3rd caravan soon anyway.

Anyway I usually place market in between 1st/2nd city or forward in 2nd city on some maps (like waterhole) to reach rares more easily.

2) Nothing attacks faster on force march, only moves faster.


14-04-2005 09:19:36

HC moves faster towards the enemy units, therefore making it attack faster )


14-04-2005 11:49:23

I put my caravan waypoint beside the market after my 1st caravan which obviously is going to be going betwen cities 1 and 2.

This way the caravan will choose the best possible route for itself. It goes to work auto, and also selects route that earns most gold by itself.

People place their market in middle of both cities to have a garrison point in case of raiders.

Attack move will improve fire rate in that anything out of range will move up faster to fire.


14-04-2005 18:46:00

Great tips, thanks!


19-04-2005 13:48:50

i read something, i think el_capitan wrote it,

Deleating, he writes that he deletes his Archers wn in gunpowder or about to reach gunpowder. IS this a good idea? i cant find this strtegy any more this is y im asking. IS deleting ARchers a good idea wn in gunpowder?


19-04-2005 18:19:18

Maybe if they were wounded and you didn't want to give up easy plunder point. Otherwise I dont know.


19-04-2005 19:19:45

I keep all my troops. Deleting an archer makes ur other rax infantry cheaper, but I'm usually fighting anyway so I need the archers.


19-04-2005 21:10:40

I can't see the point at all. Garrison them in towers and cities up the front they become grenadiers or whatever it is in enlightenment. And they still pawn heavy infantry just keep em well away from musketeers.


20-04-2005 08:45:20

Could one of you post a screen shot of how you posintion your army. and explain wt postion they are agressive,defensive...etc

this would really help



20-04-2005 10:55:13

Try watching some uploaded recorded games, this will be better than looking few screenshots )


20-04-2005 14:21:28

I agree, screenshots don't show anything really.

Position army? There is a theory that if your army is sitting idle it is a waste of resources. Unless I guess it's just a smaller defensive force.

Positions for defensive. Watch gigi and shadowz being defensive recs and bird in his 1 vs 2/3 type recs.

Towers, rocks, trees, buildings, mountains, rivers.

All can be used to help with defense. Ideally your army is spread a little with a choke point in front of them the enemy has to come through. Your cav would be well wide and capable of attacking said chokepoint from rear/side when neccessary. Entrench is another good defensive move and entrench on rocks you practically gotta seige bomb or burn (flamethrower) your army to remove it.

Generals with your army is VERY important. An army with armour ALWAYS wins vs an army without it, with equal players.


03-05-2005 08:04:44

I have this problem were i wanna try new strats but wn i get on RON i just like to play and not take a chance to try a new strat. so to avoid messing up in a RON game i ask questions.

ONe thing about Egyptians i usually get nubians and Egyptians alot wn i do random. and the map that comes up alot is ausie so i was wondering better to build the seven farms or fish? i dont usually build the seven farms i just get fishing cuase ppl tell me fishing is alwasys better than farms. dose this apply to egyptians?


03-05-2005 08:26:04

Yes, fishing is still better for eggy as fish boats cost wood while farms cost wood+civie. The wealth you get from eggy farms is lower than fish too (I can't remember what it is exactly). Outback is probably the worst map for eggy unfortunately /.


03-05-2005 11:45:53

Nah, Egy is okay on outback, cuz it's trivial to do +150 with one city, and also you got a shitload of wealth to build ur cheap wonders. But yeah, if you think about it, your 4th farm is something like 52 wood and also costs you ~30-40 food for another villie. And it only gives you +10 food/+2 wealth and +25 food completion bonus. That's less than the +10 food/+10 wealth you get from fishing boats, and your first fishing boat only costs 40 wood...obviously boats are a better deal.


03-05-2005 12:41:01

The only real attraction i see for farms over fish is their completion bonuses giving you food.

As sims said an Eggy 150 on water is easy utilising farms and fishers you will get there fast too.

With Japanese on outback i still make a bunch of farms as they are so cheap then if i've switched to fishing and think I can protect the fishermen i can raze them for more res. At roughly 40 wood per farm a completion bonus and raze bonus (?) gives you back the same amount of res just in food not wood.


07-05-2005 02:45:57

[quote0e6de57302="AU_Rambozo"]The only real attraction i see for farms over fish is their completion bonuses giving you food.

As sims said an Eggy 150 on water is easy utilising farms and fishers you will get there fast too.

With Japanese on outback i still make a bunch of farms as they are so cheap then if i've switched to fishing and think I can protect the fishermen i can raze them for more res. At roughly 40 wood per farm a completion bonus and raze bonus (?) gives you back the same amount of res just in food not wood.[/quote0e6de57302]

think of it this way the 20 food completion bonus gives you back half the food you spend on the villie that works on it. you don't need 40 food to make a fisher work


07-05-2005 12:39:27

yah, tho for japanese cuz the farm is so cheap, the equation is better if you raze the farm right after. you end up netting about 35 food after you factor in the time it took for the villie to build the farm


08-05-2005 05:05:09

Blabla, just rush and don't worry about that P


17-05-2005 08:04:01

Ok Ok how do i improve my Micromanage ment?

This is one of my biggest problems, It feels i have good micro but i what it to get better.

Dose overloading ur skills on RON make u better? for example goin against 8 Comps set on Toughest. ??????


17-05-2005 10:04:59

No, those will just pwn you =/ I spose you are best off practicing vs another player of weaker to equal skill cause your strats will work on him... Whatever you try vs some expert or 8 toughests will fail, this way you'll never see what works =)


17-05-2005 12:56:30

I'd ignore the previous advice it makes no sense sorry beer.

Your micro will improve vs multiple ai as there is so much to deal with. Slow and fast drills also help slow teaches you to use every movement effectively as you have time to think why you are doing things, fast makes normal seem slower and gets you clicking faster.

Always winning won't improve you at all. Play above your weight and take some hidings then autopsy your recs to find out why you lose.

Barbarians at the gates is my favourite for practising micro. I try to build up economically and push with borders/cities while fending off my attackers. 3 Tougher AI (though T&P AI are pussies compared to VRoN) seems to be enough for defensive play especially in same age. It's normally pretty damn hectic to stay alive and expand with 3 coming at you.

Beating someone of your own skill or less says nothing for your strategy.


18-05-2005 10:01:22

Well whenever i'm playing pretty gay i just look up some weaker player and bash him, after that i mostely play better vs a good player aswell =)

Thats just how it works for me =/


18-05-2005 10:11:44

Beer, you play pretty gya cause you're, well, gay. shock


18-05-2005 11:10:45

pwned D


18-05-2005 14:08:38

There is strategic validity in what you say on beating on te weaker player beer. It's the mindset that it's easy so you panic less and think more....

Mindset has a lot to do with speed too, you gotta force that speed up at first, stay vigilant with it till it's second nature.

Do what I say not what I do for I still play with one hand. D


19-05-2005 01:02:49

i always start to tremble whenever i play in some important game... eg in some AoI xmas tourney, i played WH_Georgie, and i couldnt even type normally anymore because i was trembling all over.. got pwned very bad that game ;(

any advice?


19-05-2005 09:19:20

Smoke teh joint! Works brilliantly or give me a blowjob instead of playing also a very usefull spending of your time lol


19-05-2005 14:31:22

I had the same when I started playing at top level. (not me but you know, te boys who pawn me)

It's adrenaline...

I actually hadda take big deep breaths - in through nose out via mouth - same as I've used pre-stage on jittery days.

Now I have a few reasonable kills from playing when not stoned (I know, it happened) I don't gotta prove nothing to myself and the shakes is gone. And it's easy to lose nerves with wolf sims tl and bird for back-up! wink

I think a bit of adrenaline is good, makes you faster, but shakes suck for keyboards for sure.

If I'm ever inna MoR game even on sideline I behave myself and stay clear headed just in case I'm needed. My strategy for playing MoR alongside te legends I call clanmates is simple, hold the line defensively till someone makes a mistake as the boys WILL exploit it. So I still nervous at prospect of premiere game just no shakes now.

I reckon you play real good and so do a lot of others. Relax, breathe, play... 8)


20-05-2005 12:40:40

You don't learn as much against the AI. It's challenging when they get twice the resources or there are half a dozen of them against you, sure, but they always focus on the front line, don't seige very well, and have very limited behavior. Not the perfect animats. ?

Watch replays of better players instead. Set it to follow the player's view. Pause when you need to. It's really great for mediocre players who understand the strategies but are having trouble pulling them off well.


20-05-2005 13:04:35

Thanks Div but I think you'll find Killahertz is near expert level already.

I had 48 - 0 kills vs ai trying a strat last night - very difficult to see if it works that way. But for micro having a shitload to deal with does help.

Tip for replays - some experts jumping round so fast hard to see what they build when. The messages on the side if turned on can be monitored to see what units are being made as well as buildings, ruins etc.


20-05-2005 13:53:51

[quote9c1405ac2f="AU_Rambozo"]Thanks Div but I think you'll find Killahertz is near expert level already.[/quote9c1405ac2f]

printed, framed, and hanging above my bed


20-05-2005 17:48:14

gl with that killa, I'm sure it'll help your masturbation sessions lol


22-05-2005 06:46:35

Lawl which i can hear and watch through teh msn and skype! lol


22-05-2005 11:18:57

oe yeah [img695ec86c8b]http//[/img695ec86c8b]


23-05-2005 09:44:26

Gotta love that smilie lol