How the Hell did he do that


13-04-2005 13:12:23

Cheat or brilliant, I can't decide.

Watch this guys TCA at 25 minutes. I take it he gets it back, he razes the city it is in, and I can't retake it till I destroy that player!

WTF? This is the coolest trick if it is a trick anyone able to shed any light on it?

I've tried in sandbox to repeat this but it won't work for me.

Ah fucks sake, the extension .rec is not allowed....

Wait for it peeps. lol


13-04-2005 14:57:45

lol, pwned!


13-04-2005 15:07:19

send me the replay



13-04-2005 16:18:05

ok its sent but i still need recs in here its te vanilla clinic!


13-04-2005 17:06:12

Ok I am enabling .rec


13-04-2005 18:18:45

i didn't see anything wrong with it s you took the TCA after you took the city that took it over.

he deleted the city it was built in but the city next to it took it over and once you took that city you took the TCA.



13-04-2005 20:39:41

Not as I saw it I never got it back till I'd destroyed him. I go watch again. But I still can't delete a city no matter how many I build with radius on TCA...

You're right!

But how the hell did he delete that city when it still had one of it's original buildings in radius. Chinese Bug?


13-04-2005 20:42:27

no idea



13-04-2005 21:24:05

There are quite a few bugs with Chinese cities. The most annoying one is the large city with 1200 hp bug. When you assimilate a small city with Chinese it should instantly turn large--that's one of the Chinese bonuses. Well, often the city graphic turns large, but the city still only has 1200 hp. It's not until your opponent takes your "1200 hp large city" back that it gets its rightful 2500 hp.

A VERY annoying bug and it's cost me quite a few wins as I rely on that bonus when playing Chinese.


13-04-2005 23:41:48

DAMN! thx sims i swear i've fallen victim to that a few times shock


14-04-2005 02:35:47

Interesting, I always thought you had to delete everything else before you could raze your city. Any chance bribing might work here?


14-04-2005 04:39:30

Damn, don't get me started about the bribing bugs. You can have an enemy dock completely in your territory and it won't let you bribe it for some inane reason. In more than a few games I went republic just to bribe the dock only to have the bug ruin the game for me.

Anyway, theoretically anything that reaches your territory can be bribed. I've actually bribed TCA before (had enough borders to bribe it as it was forward-built).


16-04-2005 08:57:03

sims = teh master of teh pwn & bug & h4x


16-04-2005 13:01:49

Still can't add recs?


18-04-2005 06:47:54

[quote55e90f88dc="AU_sims"]Anyway, theoretically anything that reaches your territory can be bribed. I've actually bribed TCA before (had enough borders to bribe it as it was forward-built).[/quote55e90f88dc]

arrow Sims favorite story ^^


25-04-2005 08:17:27

how is it that wn im playing some one good, and i loose. i watch the replay and i notice that my opponent never reaches commerce cap during the first 10 min yet i reach it all the time. and yet hese army just keeps comming and mine keeps dying. fruastrating im tired phhhhhh.


25-04-2005 11:58:12

Well, if you lose all your units, doesn't really matter how good ur econ is.

Not Important!

25-04-2005 18:05:52

If you dedicate alot of your resources early on for units, you better have some damn good micro, or else... gg