Hurricane Katrina Update


23-09-2005 20:40:01

this sux man i want to share the devestation of the gulf coast and n'awlins with you guys but i cannot upload photos. The media doesn't do it justice. I heard a major from the corps of engineers say the total area of destruction is equal in area to the island of great britain. Do not know if that is true but Mississippi is more fucked then they were before...Also, everyone hates all levels of Government there with the exception of the military as they have been very responsive to their needs (unfortunatley they did not bring any dentists with them). Anyhow... Just figure I would share what i have been doing for the past month which is why i rarely on. This is 1000 times worse than Florida last year. Sounds terrible but I love hurricanes. At this rate I will be retired in 4-5 years. I got some pics of some corpses too, because i could not help my morbid curiosity...tell me how to uplaod and i will share em.


24-09-2005 09:44:37

You can just attach the files bongers. The morbid stuff I'm not real interested in but I'd like to see the area after the storm. Sad shit....


24-09-2005 21:02:56

yeah, click the "post reply" button and there should be an attachment box just under the writing area

i wanna see dem piccys


05-10-2005 22:14:09

well i back...again. Good business but New Orleans is nowhere near as bad as Mississippi. They were flooded but for most part structures still there. In MS everything within 750-1000 yards from coast ius just plain gone...I cannot upload on this fucking site. Sims can you do anything about size restrictions? Update...Destruction on MS is equa; to the area pf the state pf Kansas, not the Island of Great Britain.


05-10-2005 23:34:06

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