Does this happen to anyone else at Gayspy?


20-08-2005 13:10:02

Or am I just cursed?

[b6f36d3167f][color=cyan6f36d3167f]Gayspy doing some weird ass shite[/color6f36d3167f][/b6f36d3167f]



20-08-2005 15:17:25

When you get OOS you get multiple losses, i.e. OOS in 3v3 gives you 3 losses. If you look through anyone's profile you'll see bunches of these.


20-08-2005 20:37:36

no that cant be all of it - i have only had 2 OOS in last month but i have 60+ of these losses. I just got 4 more losses for watching 2 of my clanmates play a 1v1.


21-08-2005 16:54:24

I think I also remember seeing it happen sometimes when one player drops out of the game. I.E. if you were watching someone and another player who was watching get a loss even though the game continues.