Terrorists try again... but fail


21-07-2005 11:18:36

Terrorists have attempted, yet again, to take innocent life in London.

They have failed... miserably!

They underestimate the courage, determination and the will of the British people.

Great Britain and her allies will prevail... the terrorists will not. buttrock


21-07-2005 12:04:51

so are you posting here again to start another arguement?

i'm sure we all watch the news and know by now..


21-07-2005 12:11:26

Militant - go away quietly please.


21-07-2005 12:55:29

Who said anything about trying to start another argument? If Rambozo wants one then he can have one...

At the end of the day it's not me who's supporting the terrorists is it?


21-07-2005 19:25:33



21-07-2005 21:36:37

For your information I am supervising 3 Iraqi workers right now. Refugees. This 'terrorist' shit has caused worldwide racism, terrorists are not a country or people, they are individuals and organisations using religious and political parameters to be complete cunts. Same as Western folk do. nothing changes just the MO.

For this quote "At the end of the day it's not me who's supporting the terrorists is it?" You have proved your wholly antagonistic nature to posting here. Thanks - I was hoping you'd cut your own throat.

Goodbye Militant.


21-07-2005 22:38:24

stumpy i dont watch news cus i dont have time for taht. D thanks for telling me thou ;D


22-07-2005 00:12:22

Okay enough arguing, don't make any more of these threads in General please, move it to Off-Topic if you must.

Everyone knows what everyone else's response will be, so let's stop wasting time.