Anarchist cookbook!


Not Important!

16-07-2005 07:18:55

C'mon, you guys, wheres the cookbook, noone yet uploaded it?? (

well, d/l this if you thirst for knowledge of bombs, weird drugs, cheating vending machines/payphones, vandalism, and much much more... 58

keep in mind not all these files may apply to you.


16-07-2005 10:58:08

Y'know, I have my dad's aaaancient copy of that in my room somewhere...

A lot of the recipes are wrong, is what I remember.


16-07-2005 12:53:05

Yes plz delete this. For one some of the bombs do work no I wont disclose which or how, for another kids get sick on some of the recipes.

Some of our users very young. Let em go astray from somewhere else, not AU website.


16-07-2005 19:43:35

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