Anyone here play DotA?


07-03-2005 20:00:01

anyone here play DotA -Allstars?


08-03-2005 08:54:42

Whats that?

What type of game, rts, rpg, shooter??? ^_^

Is it playayble online?

Gimme websites ^_^


08-03-2005 14:04:11

I play all the time on US West. I have a group of 15-20 friends that play often as well...We can semi-often get games of 5v5 with just friends. I play both 5.84 and 6.01, but once the bugs are fixed, will play solely 6.** Which server do u play on?


08-03-2005 16:05:20

I play on US West too. I don't really like 6.01 coz the loading time is too long and some heroes are imba. I will play 6.xx after the bugs are fixed. BTW, whats ur favourite hero? mine is Bone Clinkz D. Windwalk and ambush with stygian and burize ^^ stealth little skully. Whats ur online nick? so i can add u to my frd list and we can play some DotA when both of us online... i usually play from 300 pm to 500 pm CA time.


08-03-2005 16:09:17

[quote5489d2416f="Beertender"]Whats that?

What type of game, rts, rpg, shooter??? ^_^

Is it playayble online?

Gimme websites ^_^[/quote5489d2416f]

Oh. its a custom game for Warcraft III Frozen Throne... its so fun D even more fun than regular warcraft games...



09-03-2005 10:34:05

I play dota a lot, doesn't really matter to me what hero I am...As long as it is not Visage or naga siren (I do really bad with them).
Ursa Warrior (Ulfsaar), Sven, Leoric, Magnataur, naix, Luna...Lina, Lich, Leviathon, Crystal Maiden, Morphling, Magina, Medusa, Ogre, Omniknight, Necrolyte, Night Stalker, Phantom Assassin, Pudge, Pugna, Panda, Rhasta, Clinkz, Chen, Bradwarden, Bounter Hunter, Bane Elemental...I am indifferent to any one of them...The other heroes are 1 notch down for me. I random if u can't tell. In AP games even, since it gets 250 more gold. I'll try and be on during 3-5 today, but today is a busy day for me so we'll see...What's ur nick?


11-03-2005 18:33:35

i used HuMaN_PriDe as my nick for my dota games


14-03-2005 20:39:15

hah raider, the new unofficial 5.84c and 6.01b are pretty good, the loading time is so short!!! takes like 20 sec only and jugg, vengenful spirit, blink strike bugs are fixed.


16-03-2005 17:09:02

is this another one of those, "I wish I was a wizard or a dwarf" games?


17-03-2005 14:50:49

Those bugs are fixed, but not Rhasta's. )


19-03-2005 21:24:31

Still haven't seen u on... (


04-04-2005 16:57:13

raider, i had an ownage game last night... its a 5v5, i used Bounty Hunter and i got 43-3 bwahaha (my best record), i got manta style early and keep producing images and the Doombringer on the other team kept dooming the wrong image lol, well the 3 deaths i got are due to his doom... b4 the game ends the items i got are treads, divine rapier, manta style, aegis, burize do kyanon and mom... my damage is like +5xx lol. 3 of them keep trying to gangbang me but fail all the time, i kept hearing "holy shit" "godlike" "triple kill" sound lol this game was damn fun...


05-04-2005 09:23:40

I dont like DotA that much


05-04-2005 18:01:53

[quotef7d7081d82="Gigi"]I dont like DotA that much[/quotef7d7081d82]

oh, so do u play regular games? and do u online TFT often? maybe i can play some games with u )


05-04-2005 19:56:23

haha that's awesome. Sorry to have disconnected that one game with u. School lost internet connection for the night, first time I've disc in my 300-400+ games. (


06-04-2005 09:41:45

Damn batsy boy from my school hasn't copied tft yet ;(


06-04-2005 12:27:05

I'll be getting TFT as soon as I Can D


06-04-2005 19:01:09

[quoteca6d0de5ec="TwC_ñuuK"]I'll be getting TFT as soon as I Can D[/quoteca6d0de5ec]

cool D great to hear that.


07-04-2005 06:10:32

Tuesday next week he sayd now @_@


28-04-2005 09:13:49

whats tft??some worldcraft thing?? i just hate worldcraft P lol


28-04-2005 10:19:14

I got TFT but im too lazy to install it ;(


28-04-2005 17:49:26

[quote4c86b721a0="TwC_ñuuK"]I got TFT but im too lazy to install it ;([/quote4c86b721a0]

lol, priated copy or retail?


28-04-2005 17:58:31

i am a bit tired of DotA, coz too many idiots ruin the game, they leave, they feed... i played a 5v5 yesterday, one of my teammate who was keeper of the light... he sucks, got 0-10 and when 2 of my teammates quit( i hate quitters), he jack all the nice items from the 2 quitters, and sold them and got himself a Divine Rapier lol, the funny thing was i was backdooring the sentinel base with my bounty hunter, almost destroyed the whole base... then that keeper of the light died again x !!! and dropped the rapier and the enemy Medusa who got an aegis picked it up.... our team was winning but after medusa got the divine rapier and aegis.... gg for us, so we lose...

Raider i never see u on anymore, do u still play it?


28-04-2005 20:34:44

Play under Raider134. Haven't really been on this last week much, only 3-4 games in 10 days because finals are coming up soon and I'm loaded on work.


29-07-2005 16:09:54

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30-07-2005 02:57:22

Oh well no need anymore ^^ I've finally got it and i love the game D


19-08-2005 01:51:57

so dk you still play this often? gimme a call on msn when you're on )


19-08-2005 17:58:06

ya i still play it, i will msg u when i on


19-08-2005 21:45:04

game sounds about as fun as a nice case of the clap. pennicillin anyone?