Dota noobs


29-07-2006 18:04:40

rofl. I played my 2nd game of dota last night & noobified my whole team by dying liek 15 times & getting 1 kill. gg, no re.

Anyone care to explain some basic strats? Like, what hero to choose, items to buy, how to "gather resources" (just by killing enemies?), what hero combos work well together, how to help teammates, etc? The game seems pretty simple but pretty fun for a bit of time. Is it more complex than I'm seeing? Also, do you find the game see-saws back & forth or does it steamroll like I saw last night? ...and is there any way you can control your minions? They do whatever they want it seems like but I want to micro them out of there sometimes when we're getting pwned & waiting for someone to heal.


30-07-2006 04:47:25

i play dota on US west, my ign is AU-Dreadknight, u can pm me some time if u see me on ) whats ur ign btw


30-07-2006 07:42:43

tl, if u want some serious advice pm me...


30-07-2006 10:04:20

Cal M 7th place. (
I love dota
US West Raider134
US East Raider134

I never see you on DK.
Easiest heroes for n00bs are probably the one click kill, IE Lich, Lina, Lion...
Or heroes with blink IE Queen of Pain (and maybe antimage).

I'd recommend that you start with ranged heroes. It is easier to get experience/gold early game and harder to gank/kill early-mid game.

Biggest tip, DO NOT AUTO ATTACK. Move back and forth and aim last hit, thus you are more likely to last hit, and you won't be as fast to move towards enemy towers (easier for allies to gank, and less likely to be ganked yourself).

As far as items, this is susceptible to change of course, but for most intel heroes mekansm to guinsoo is a decent item build. Linken sphere is good on many heroes as well. For agility heroes generally midas to boots of travel, Sange and yasha (unless it cancels orb effect), lothars on some heroes too (shadow fiend, etc). strength heroes..depends, sometimes bracers, vanguard (pudge, centaur) sometimes sange and yasha.

Items that are almost never worth it Aghanims (although on lina, luna, and venomancer it can be argued), stygian desolator, dagon, mask of madness. Butterfly and satanic are VERY RARELY the best item for the hero/situation. Don't stack orb effects on heroes also.

EVERY HERO (save for 1-3) MUST have hp regen at the start of game. You do not want to be returning to base simply because they spam spells on you at lvl 1-2. Ring of Regen, Ring of Health, Sapphire waters, Tango's, etc.

Do not be a n00b and buy boots at start. In general for most heroes, Ring of Regen (375) and either 2 branches or a sapphire water is the way to go.

Daggar of escape is great (in most situations) on these heroes
Centaur, Sand King, Slardar, Tauren, Tiny, Luna, Panda, and sometimes axe. Higher skilled players often get daggar of escape (blink stick) on naix, spider, lich, leshrac.

Basically there are two types of heroes, farm heroes, and gank heroes (other than simply bad heroes). Figure out which one you have, and go that path. Farm heroes are generally good with midas, giving the attack speed needed, and means to achieve easier gold (using midas on a neutral creep makes the other creeps there easier to kill at the lower levels). Following midas, Boots of Travel is often good to allow for faster farming (porting around map), ganking, and staying alive. Then again, the midas-BoT path may be too hard for a newer player as it makes you a very late game build.

Items such as circlets of nobility (185 gold), bracers (510), with +6 strength, 3 agility, and 3 intelligence help you survive. Mekansms often help, extra armor and instant 250 life when needed.

Other thing to note, don't farm much past water on opponents side etc...Giving them a path to easily gank you from, without an escape mechanims (blink, invisibility, etc).

Also, DENY! When your own creeps are low, push a, and then try and last hit your own sides creeps so enemy does not get gold/exp.

In a CAL match (league) I've been solo vs solo and been lvl 6 vs his lvl 3. Let's just say that match didn't take very long.

Hope this helps a bit, hit me up on US west/US East on Raider134


31-07-2006 08:12:59

ya i have been traveling around asia and europe this summer, i will be back to US after august 10th and will be active in dota P hope i can play some games with u again raider


04-08-2006 18:33:08

The notes helped alot raider. I'm now no longer the worst player. Still don't know the heroes well but.... I do notice that I can't find some items that are required for what you reference. Where are the hidden shops & shit? I just know where the shops are right around where you spawn.


05-08-2006 00:23:52

LOL. For sentinel, basically, they are towards the top, but before you get to the top tower there is a pathway slightly to the right. For the Scourge, go near the bottom tower, they are basically DIRECTLY northeast of Roshan (if you know where that is)


05-08-2006 20:28:03

Told ya I was noob D. I found them last night in a game where we were pwned & had time to screw around & look.


06-08-2006 02:00:15

come play on europe server with me and wolf D Azeroth is for noobs twisted


06-08-2006 02:31:41

If there were any good players/clans on East I'd play there, but Gosu Teachers and DP are the only ones I've seen/heard of. P


08-08-2006 19:57:33

most good clans play on ggc anyway...


08-08-2006 20:03:54

That is not true in the US at least.


23-08-2006 10:05:34

DOTA-L is played on ggc mostly (in div 1 where i play its a must)

ESL - prmiere league is played on ggc only

afaik CAL is played mostly on ggc - at least with european clans i know about (hollywoodhack in bnet is a must though)

any half serious inhouse is played on ggc; sometimes we go back to bnet but then its a known host and only players from his country in the game.
last week we played team complexity in a fw - of course on ggc... bnet is the sux ? fu tcp/ip for gaming ?

if u have a fw/cw and they go like "lets go bnet? no ggc/what is ggc?" you can be
1. suspicious that people may hack (1 billion lil kids out there who use a hack in bnet which doesnt work unmodified in ggc)
2. itll be over in about 25min coz its a noob team.

i dont know about your channels in gamesurge (we have quakenet for irc in europe) for playing quality dota, but in the passworded invite ones its ggc only too....

but yeah, i have the europe point of view 8)


24-08-2006 20:13:26

How did you do against Complexity? I've played against them a few times, always with disappointing results. (