sims vs bird: bantu vs british



03-03-2005 22:40:18

Two games. My Bantu vs bird's British on arena Old World. Although the Bantu start is very fast, they start losing steam in the midgame, especially vs the rax-spamming Brits. In both games I head to Classic faster and have a huge lead in ruins. Yet it is hard to capitalize because it's very hard to raid a brit who uses HI/FA.

In the first game it seems like I won in Medieval, but bird mounts a comeback. Around the Medieval-GP mark it seems like there's seemingly no way bird can win. I have 5 cities to bird's 3, and I captured bird's 3rd and 4th city. The key moment is when I go for bird's 4th city instead of defending my cap. Although I save my cap, I lose a lot of militia, which kills my better econ. Right afterwards, bird goes for his old 3rd city, forcing me to move around the mountain, and I am stuck in a very bad position fighting to save my cap when he goes back for it. A good illustration of how to use the natural barriers against your opponent even when it seems like you're losing. In the end of the game, I have gathered more resources, but I can't make up the hundreds of free resources Brits get through the rax spamming.

In the second game, bird's 3rd city beats out my 4th by a bit, which screws up my game. I build Colossus and try to boom with brits. It works pretty well until about Modern Age--after that the Brit getting +500 vs me get +400 is just too much difference to overcome. An interesting note is bird's attack in Modern Age. He loses all his infantry because my infantry are entrenched. Moral of the story is make a flamethrower vs. entrenched troops or yours will die. (There's no way bird could have attacked from the back or side considering my position, which is the only other real way to stop entrenchments without air.)


03-03-2005 22:55:29

dance tnx sims dance


03-03-2005 23:21:08

In the 1st game, only +60 metal is really too little in med. When sims attack me in med, at first I am ok. But failing to reinforce HI and HC, my FA starts to die fast. After sims had taken my 3rd and 4th city, I thought I have lost so I built a weird 5th city. Strange enough that sims go for the 5th city give me time to attack him cap. Although I can't sack it, that gains me back the initiative and eventually win the game. One thing good to point out is that entrenching my troops in med might have save my 3rd city.


04-03-2005 02:13:49

It might, but that wasn't a very good defensive position since it would be easy to flank or attack from the rear, where entrench is useless.

Still can't believe that funny 5th city cost me a win ^^ I guess I should have moved my cap back. Still, that's one of the tradeoffs of Bantu--usually ur 3rd city is an econ city, so it really hurts when a Bantu's third city is attacked.


04-03-2005 08:56:06

pwnage games ^^

Entrench really rules with capitalism, flamethrowers die like flies and unless the map is sahara or so, it shouldnt really be hard to find a decent spot for you to place your troops as flanking such huge lategame armies is quite hard anyway.
Sick to see sims surviving a 2-minute-battle with birds army containing 10+ tanks and 5 MG and still surviving with 10 or so or formerly 15 LI shock

Thx for GG


04-03-2005 09:37:01

Hmm cool, i never use entrench before... might be time to start doing so ;)


05-03-2005 04:49:06

wow that second game was crazy... you trying to outboom bird's brits lol



06-03-2005 07:42:16

Damn sims, in that 2nd game it actually wasn't fighting as militia that your civies were killed the first time. When bird retreated his units you turned the militia back into civies and they started repairing the city while it was still being bombarded. Thus they died from the cannon hitting the city /. Like 12 of them or something (.

Later during GP his units were +6 armor from his fort while yours were +0 (he killed your patriot) making it a pitched battle even w/ the militia helping /. Probably better to let him take back his wing city and get a fort up before fighting. Damn, damn....

Fun game to watch b/c of the use of territory. The mountains were huge in this game in terms of maneuverability of your armies. Thanks for uploading!

btw- why'd you put your cap at the front?