Mold's rec renamer



17-01-2005 23:09:41 money. and is attached.

Get the java runtime from here to use it



Use nide's version below instead. -sims

I'm soooo gay. -sims


22-01-2005 16:05:37

Here is the latest .exe version


25-01-2005 07:19:37

Any of you guys notice that this makes the name too long for the current patch to accept? It used to work great but now I'm having to shorten the name manually to get the games to load.


25-01-2005 10:01:27

It looks like they limit the name of the game to a length of 128 characters in the "Load Recorded Game" list box. Did it allow bigger file names before the patch?


27-01-2005 09:01:21

I didn't count the charachters but it worked for all the games I used to watch until just recently.


27-01-2005 16:42:24

I have always had the too-long problem if the file decided to be longer than 128 characters; just never brought the problem up ) It's not just the newest version that is causing this problem.


27-01-2005 16:50:46

light years ahead of me

i'm still trying to install it

no shit



27-01-2005 17:00:31

Go to your Rise of Nations game directory. It should be My Documents/My Games/Rise of Nations/Multi or something like that.

Download the program and put in this directory.



28-01-2005 05:39:14

Do I need to run every time when I run Rise of Nations too?


28-01-2005 11:32:41

Just run it when you want to rename your games...


12-06-2005 14:34:45

This thing Roxxxors.....nice work mold's.

There were a few it wouldnt rename due to certain characters in the file name but i didnt get any denies for file names being too long....weird.

Thanks again...Pond 8)


25-09-2006 20:58:27

nice handy program, kind of annoying when you can only see one game at a time, rather than a whole list

EDIT managed to get the whole replays into the same list, but had to store the program in the same folder as the replays


26-09-2006 12:08:42

you don't have to store it in the same directory as the replays if you don't want to.

just change the path (using the Path button) and the program will always use whatever directory you change it to when looking for recs.


26-09-2006 15:18:45

you are the only au i've never seen on gs S


27-09-2006 16:53:03

yeah... after my buddy nide left i kinda lost interest.


08-01-2009 07:32:09

Very useful stuff!

I was wondering if AU_mold would accept to release the source code for this tool. It is very useful, but I have some ideas in my mind that could help to make it even better. I don't know if you (AU_sims) still have contacts with him or know how anything about this...

Otherwise I would have to start from scratch, which would require a lot more time...

Either way thanks for the tool!


09-01-2009 00:43:40

I haven't heard from mold in a very long time. You could try sending him a PM though.

I took a quick 1 minute look at the rcx format, and from what I can tell, it looks like a zip file. Unzipping it and reading the first 1Kbyte or so, it looks like there's some UTF-16 strings of interest, including the version of the game and players' names. Maybe that can get you started.


09-01-2009 04:59:02

Yeah I saw that too and I already figured out the player colors. Finding out the map settings et al. should also be easy (I just have to start games by changing only 1 setting at a time...), but you know if he already did that part and wishes to share, I find it stupid to do that work again ;)
Thanks anyway


09-01-2009 05:07:26

I tried sending him a PM, hope he still gets e-mail alerts...