Some 1v1s



15-06-2009 00:45:08

Well I reinstalled this game because wolf told me to (even though I haven't seen him online yet), and played some 1v1s vs. sanya. Pretty good games, two defensive boomers going at it.

Game 1 British (sims) vs Turks (sanya)

Pretty even game until IV. I forgot vassalage even though I researched civ3 early. Both are spam civs but at the end of the day archers kill units and siege weapons don't.

Game 2 Egy (sims) vs Nubs (sanya)

This one goes all the way to Modern. Game swings back and forth throughout. It turns out that forbidden city isn't the greatest wonder to build.

Game 3 Chinese (sims) vs Japanese (sanya)

I went for the sci2 mass citizen scouting start in this game.

Game 4 Bantu (sims) vs Turks (sanya)

The bantu civ1 mil raid worked pretty well, keeping the turk attack at bay while I was building up.


15-06-2009 06:28:10

omg, are they news? when will u play again sims?


15-06-2009 22:33:27

Yes I just played them yesterday.


16-06-2009 03:15:07

nice ones, btw )


19-06-2009 00:51:44

Here are a couple more, on outback. Greek is pretty awesome on outback if you can hold out for six min, after that you can do a power raid in III. I've posted countless games of that strat but here's another...


19-06-2009 10:12:22

who is vita500?


22-06-2009 11:39:42

yer sims i play but i never can find u mb we should set a time and date when u are on and ill come and play u m8 would be cool


22-06-2009 11:44:41

ohh vita500 = FSF_Kao


30-06-2009 13:46:19