First games since December



22-04-2008 01:27:04

Got bored and played a few games vs azteca (I think it's him)...

Game 1 Turks vs Spanish
First time I'd touched this game since 12/11/2007, so I was a bit rusty, but I still remember how to use the funny strats.

Game 2 Inca vs British
Inca boom ftw. Azteca had no armor in any of the battles.

Game 3 Mongols vs Dutch
Got owned by bad 2nd city location which was far away from wood.

Game 4 Russians vs French
I really like Russians on Sahara, the push is very hard to stop if you don't build to correctly counter it, as shown here.

Game 5 Indians vs Iroq
Indian boom ftw. For some reason my explorers couldn't snipe his snipers in V--I thought explorers could kill snipers, but I guess I forgot too much about the game. Anyway, eles still rule.


22-04-2008 13:32:53

that guy played strange... sometimes he seemed good and other times wtf. why always moving his cap forward? and how he forgets armor, lol?

gg with rus vs fre. man, if i have frenchies i win that matchup 99/100 times.


05-06-2008 12:00:05


Wow, I miss RoN (