latest 1v1 tourney recs



28-10-2007 18:51:22

I came back to play in the 1v1 MOR tourney, here are some recs.

Basically Mongols rock. I am surprised at how little ancient raiding went on in this tourney. Without the ancient raid, Mongols have a huge advantage over most civs.

I beat NAOTO to make the final four, unfortunately I had to leave before I could play the semifinal or final so even though I beat NAOTO, I let him take my place in the tourney as a semifinalist.


30-10-2007 01:26:24

Sup sims! !!!
How u been?

Hope you did well in the tourney


30-10-2007 07:22:05

looked like you were in trouble vs viriato.... nice play.

wtf, no gg from naoto??