Raid War



17-03-2007 00:15:19

Lakota vs aztecs


17-03-2007 17:50:05

thats right, keep posting in the only ron forum left

dance dance dance


17-03-2007 17:56:18

you need fast com2 with lakota, ur com2 is too late, esp since u have bison...also u dont have smelter and ur first city is small all game

otherwise gg


18-03-2007 05:21:49

lul, i only build smelter around late gunpowder as you need sci 4 to upgrade it, sometimes i forget too, didnt make large as i thought it was only a 4 slot wood city plus forgot to mke the extra pyramid city.


18-03-2007 08:45:24

smelter = +5 to all miners without upgrading
granary/lumber camp = +2 to farmers/woodcutters without upgrading

smelter > lumber camp/granary

also u usually have less metal spots than farms/woodcutters

FUN Galahad

18-03-2007 09:41:15

Was that the game vs me?

If yes, i can say, your raid was horrible for me.
Never really got into the game, being too unconcentrated (you mostly win vs me when i am concentrated anyways ;) ).