Me vs 3 AoIs



16-02-2005 20:09:28

Map is watering hole. I have japs and one of my allies drops at the 4 min mark, the other resigns before 10 mins because he has to go somewhere. Thus I am left the enviable task of taking on 3 AoI's by myself. Kinda amusing to see what happens. bananaboy



16-02-2005 21:13:51

i no u h4x
Btw when u wanna play the MoR game?


16-02-2005 23:27:20

damn sims.... that is flippin insane, you musta left those AOI spinnin in their seats. At first i figured you woulda died because i was on Player red perspective and they were coordinating their armies to attack 3 different cities but u defended all 3~ ! bows bows bows bows bows bows bows bows bows bows bows bows bows bows bows bows bows bows bows bows bows bows


17-02-2005 04:56:20

sims has aim bot


17-02-2005 14:25:49

lololololololololololo "my church needs me to ride in the van tonight bro"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ths funny stuff, well played sims


18-02-2005 00:52:49

from now on, do not talk to him directly anymore. refer to him as "the holy one" or "his greatness".

the holy one pwns dance


18-02-2005 02:27:27

the dancing sheep pawns dance

sims hax


18-02-2005 03:43:27

lol, funny thing is i still don't know what carebear is talking does it mean when you say "my church needs me to ride in the van"...sounds like some cult sheep


18-02-2005 13:36:16

Thats just an excuse, good plan so now when you bring up the topic that you killed all three AOI, he would say "Sorry couldnt play to full potential, had prior engagements."


19-02-2005 07:57:22



23-02-2005 19:54:04

Awesome game Sims. Question for you, how on earth did you mannage to end up with 3 different Patriots? Now I watched and saw that it happened when you started to bribe the bantu's capital and other cities. I'm just trying to figure out if its a bug or if you knew what would happen... wink

It did mannage to show that the healing ability of the different lines of the green Patriots do stack - way cool!


23-02-2005 22:59:41

Yes, if an ally resigns after they have researched a government and you bribe their capital, you get their patriot. I think there is also a bug where if you bribe their capital, you also get to keep all of YOUR patriots as well. That's how I ended up with a despot, president, and CEO. Definitely not the first time I've seen it--it always happens when you bribe a dead ally's cap (assuming he researched a gov). Pretty funny.