lost in 2nd round, here is the game



24-02-2007 13:37:24

first game me aztec vs rome, raid ftw

second game despite my big econ advantage and faster IV and tactics vs no tactics, I can't take any cities in IV. Then the british wealth starts haxing the game. I think the opponent is bearz or jups. I didn't realize british can catch up so quickly in IV...damn


25-02-2007 12:07:58



25-02-2007 12:40:19

gg's, very solid play from the tokachi guy

FUN Galahad

27-02-2007 14:07:10

Hi all!

Quite a similar thing happened to me.

I played this Tuka...., had advantages until IV and then i was slowly outboomed (mainly 2 reasons he went republic, i despotism and i forgot those uni-upgrades; i noticed my concentration went down as the games lasted... )

Dutch vs dutch on lakes.

Was a gg, also heard this Tuka is Bearz (only rumour though).

I feel so free to post the game too


28-02-2007 00:56:45

wow you gave that out of hand ;(

don't think it was the republic thingy, you should've just boomed more yourself (yeah knowledge upgrades too ;( ).. also your weird army control in IV turned things around in his favour.

but again solid play from tukachi (boring, but solid ^^). probly either bird or bearz?

FUN Galahad

28-02-2007 01:35:40

Also thought i would win ;)

Yes, my army control in IV was not good.

I should have used my higher gold incme to boom much more ( HG maybe). But as i said, i really felt i was gettimg unconcentrated, sleepy a bit. And then i forgot those damn uni-upgrades, arrgh!

And he just boomed, and did it well.

FUN Galahad

15-03-2007 11:59:16


I was told this toka guy is RTS Pokotan. 8)


15-03-2007 12:29:50



16-03-2007 10:30:58

lol..pokotan hasnt played in quite a bit, even if he did come back no fuckin way he could become that good in 4 weeks

FUN Galahad

16-03-2007 13:07:40

Well, latest rumour knows it is a japanese player, maybe ROSA REI.

Guess he did not reveal himself. ;)


16-03-2007 13:22:14

and i'll guess we will never find out which smurf was who? does anyone have a clue what happened to the whole of AW? |


16-03-2007 15:23:18

ninetales (the winner) = bearz


16-03-2007 17:38:07

OMG It's SHH~~ =x

Definitely had a feeling Toka wasn't Bearz anyway. Toka scouts differently--Bearz uses waypoints for his scout, Toka didn't... Bearz researches Civ1 immediately after Sci1, Toka waited sometime (in Gala's game) and even waited for the Mil1 in your game.

Toka has a sexy latehalf boom, but a slow, ball-and-agina-wrenching early half.

I don't personally have a game displaying REI's ability. I tried comparing Toka's style to Pokotan's, but it's far too different. Not frogman either, because he maintains his early half. Not SHIMAKO. Not SHAD. Not Loka...Not Jups. Goddammit, I've tried everyone I have .rcx of.

Omg it's Waev w/Endgame Booming Skillz and crap early game lele ;(

Liek Anti-Wave @_@

I run into quite a bit of AW periodically on GS and t3h cyber (ftw). We're likely to have to wait until Flep comes back from England to crank up a new AW forum. He'll also probably want some time to fume over the whole haxing incident in general too. =\


17-03-2007 00:26:51

lol pwned, thx shh ^^


17-03-2007 17:48:58

pretty easy to tell if pokotan, if he has speed of 90+, its pokotan

too lazy to re-watch the game though

FUN Galahad

28-03-2007 01:54:50

What about him being el capitan?


28-03-2007 17:55:30

Nope. El_Cap's play has a lot more balance. In other words, he would have likely pushed back in early game instead of practically giving you territory right out of hand. (Nice micro early on, btw.) And we'd see him send a 'van to you in that game and/or a heavier classic raid. El_Cap would have had less speed too, because of hotkey use.

That was kinda funny though, no attacking 'vans in that game of yours. ;\


30-03-2007 17:56:53

Maybe this toka guy could be georgie... Shh's description kinda matches him


04-04-2007 13:00:02

could it be Tuf_Richter?