MoR games vs Elite2, KRG



13-02-2005 14:34:55

Game 1 - Elite 2 at AU on East Meets West

AU_sims (Dutch), AU_bird (Egyptians), AU_nide (Bantu) vs. [Elite]Bearz (Egyptians), [Elite]Eo2 (Germans), [Elite]Sniper (Greeks)

Elite does a very good job of booming with bird and me on this map. With copper and citrus elite is able to gain naval superiority early on, slowing down the AU boom. (Also not that at one point i accidentally pack all fisherman...oops. I was meaning to select all triremes...) For much of the game Elite leads, but near Modern Age the tide starts turning as bird gets supercollider and I go Info with an army and navy ready to attack. What really wins us this game is bird's ICBMs and my world gov. Bird nukes to clear the coast for my invasion (although after the game he admitted he wasn't really planning for me to invade, he just saw the docks and nuked it bananaboy), and I storm Eoz's capital with 20 troops and the help of a few cruise missiles of my own, leading to an instant victory. From there the next two caps are only a few hops away, and we win a World Government victory at the 3700 mark.

Game 2 - AU at KRG on Great Sahara

AU_sims (Dutch), AU_wolf (Romans), AU_bird (Japanese) vs. KRG_Redfish (Dutch), KRG_4Stars (Aztecs), KRG_Jups (Americans)

The game starts well for AU as we have excellent rares (silver, papy, silk--and I missed diamonds in my capital until Medieval Age). I caravan raid Jups and slow him down quite significantly--Americans are pretty vulnerable to ancient raids now. Wolf comes and helps me take Jups' city in medieval, but I make a mistake and build hanging gardens instead of more troops, so I lose the city. Meanwhile, bird is wreaking all hell on the other side of the map, taking both Redfish and 4Stars' cap. Those cap sacks pretty much seal the game, although bird and wolf manage to make it to Industrial before it's all over.


13-02-2005 14:42:55

58. Nice job fellas D


14-02-2005 14:47:02

Did we win Game 1 by luck? Maybe. At first I was intended to build the Hanging Gardens. But when Bearz started to build it, I realized I was building the Colossus. ? Later on we lost pretty much of the sea - I did not have more than 5 fishing boats at any point of the game - it makes building the Colossus the right choice so that wealth income can be capped.

Toward the end of the game, I started to build silos when sims told me to use cruise missiles. But I built them too backward, making my cruise missiles only able to hit near coast. So I built nukes instead. I only nuked mainly for wonders and for mass military buildings. Those nuked areas turned out to be good places for sims to invade.

Having 900 wealth income and the Supercollider, I can buy as much oil as I wanted. lol I watched the record, the oil price is like 900 to buy and 450 to sell in the end. Can I buy oil (125) for sims to sell (~450) to make resouces?! We should test it.

For Game 2, at the moment I saw KRG's choice of nations, I knew we can win. All 3 nations do not prefer major fights early on - they don't fight as well as other offensive nations before Gunpowder.

GG bananaboy bananaboy bananaboy


14-02-2005 18:23:14

Yeah, they clasicalled faster and had copper/citrus. And my first dock was off to the side. This made taking the sea really difficult.

I was selling resources and giving them to bird for him to buy oil for me. Worked pretty well. Dunno if you could make any resources doing it tho. I used the oil instead of selling it again. Well, if you can make money from nothing using supercollider, that's just another reason why it's overpowered. bananaboy

I think KRG made a mistake to take Aztec and America on Sahara. Good civs but I think Romans and French are better picks. If they want to boom to gp the Nubs and Dutch and offensive civ would be pwnage.


15-02-2005 01:17:40

Read TuF_Richter's review of KRG vs AU here . I think bird makes a good point with their civs--I would have taken Iroq as the blacklist civ and given it to 4stars.