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17-01-2005 13:33:41

Warring States

AU_Rambozo, AU_bird vs AU_tl, AU_sims

Gotta love having bird on your side!

I get Maya so decide to jump a city forward on the border. Bird spots this immediately and directs me to cover the sugar. My city is up just in time to see tl's merchant arrive get shot at and leave heh heh.

I struggle to keep up it seems all have spammed scholars bar me but stay in the fight consistently applying pressure at the border as bird works his magic.

The battle for sims outlying island is v close with bird down to one troop at the end. tl's minutemen do a great defensive job and had he converted those scholars by the mountain it would have been his city to keep I think.

I spot sims going for the wonder victory (he's done it to me before I think it's his favourite strat vs bird lol) so I mass a few scouts and age up to industrial. I'm about to embark on a wonder smashing journey when I notice tl's capital is relatively undefended and has angkor watt in it (25% cheaper troop spam on Cap sack if I take it) So I take it, I have the numbers, bird has wreaked havoc as usual - gg.


17-01-2005 13:39:30

Big problems in this game

1) I didn't built Porcelain Tower, the best booming wonder in the game.
2) I only had 5 metalworkers all game, so my metal production was pathetic even with Angkor Wat.
3) I didn't expand to outer islands.

Without metal I could not navy raid. If I had been smart and taken tl's offer for a mountain, my Angkor Wat-cheap ships should have been able to take control of the right side of the map and I would have been able to do some island hopping.

BTW, I had Angkor Wat, and tl had the outer island. You got us mixed up. ^^

These games are usually won by the person that goes fastest. With porc. tower and 2 mountains I just couldn't catch up to bird (

By the time you went Industrial the game was already over for a while. Make more scholars lol

Some funny notes look at the damn tower push early. It took a lot out of my econ, but I managed to kill 1 tower with a tc, convert another tower with my senator, and convert a rax with my senator as well. Pretty funny.


17-01-2005 19:24:25


Scholars don't have guns!


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25-01-2005 12:11:34

wow 4 AU's online O

ima gonna check it out for sure P