nice 1v1 vs inca on hims



16-07-2006 16:33:00

Pretty much needed every trick in the book in this game to pull it out, since I was greeks. Ambush vs army raid, entrench vs attack, raid once you get the advantage, fight with armor advantage, delete/rebuild temple for free hp, mass spies, etc. I am kinda rusty as you can tell from my start. But still a pretty satisfying game...


23-07-2006 02:22:16

gg, Sims.

Anarchist Inca, Himalaya, with only 14 scholars and 170 K income at 3700 ( --- eeks


25-07-2006 22:30:06

To be fair I had been hitting him all game was higher before he lost his capital


25-07-2006 22:37:15

[quotee1e614ef91="AU_sims"]To be fair I had been hitting him all game though...[/quotee1e614ef91]True enough dat!wink
Hey, what you playing these days Sims?