three more 1v1s



11-06-2006 02:43:40

Ego post!!! Actually, some of the recs are sort of instructional.

sims (turk) vs howard (british) on sahara

If you don't scout the militia rush, you're dead. 3 archers + 16 militia + 4 cats before 7 mins are hard to stop. I now insert a rax and despot in the build, slows the rush by about 30 seconds but makes holding the 2nd city easier.

sims (greek) vs aibo (nubs) on waterhole

Greek HCs are the most annoying raiders in the game.

sims (lakota) vs dux (iroq) on outback

Lakota has a huge advantage on outback vs every civ except maybe dutch and mongols. And even dutch isn't that good vs lakota if you get fast mil1. In this game I get caught with an ancient raid without mil1 (0/0/1/1 classic) and I still manage to come back with the gay lakota giant food/wood bonus. Pretty much no way to stop Lakota on this map unless you rush. If you want to play safe, you can easily put mil1 and a rax in the build and still get to classical very fast. Another thing I like to do on outback is always raid with GP light ships once I get to GP. A corvette will kill a trireme 1v1 and can shoot while running. Very annoying.


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16-06-2006 12:29:13

Those greek HC are bastards to get rid of, militiamen do shit against them, and especially annoying when greeks are on water.. HC spammage /

sims, post more recs!


16-06-2006 13:18:26

French is very strong on outback too when it has lots of wealth.


16-06-2006 13:19:49

The french cav are better since they can heal with the despot, and french are overall better than greeks, except when on water