4 1v1s for those that still play this game



07-06-2006 01:39:56

I still play this game every once in a while on weekends or when I want to procrastinate.

4 1v1s

sims (Russians) vs fisher (Nubians)
- Fast classic with Russians forces your opponent to decide whether to defend a fast raid or fast 3rd city. He builds a rax against a raid, but I go fast 3rd city, eat all territory, and do the standard Russian Republic + spy spam defense->win.

sims (Greeks) vs fisher (Nubians)
- When you get Greeks on water, do the 520 III and keep raiding with the medi HCs.

sims/plainspower (Americans) vs void (Persians)
- Use raids to buy time for the IV attack.

sims/plainspower (Jap) vs. void (Americans)
- Japs with silk = 340 150/150 classical.


08-06-2006 11:14:04

I'm still here thanks! wink


08-06-2006 15:47:29

Who's fisher? I maybe will play a couple games this weekend....


09-06-2006 16:16:07

lol @ void saying ame are imba... i'd way way rather have persians... ^^


09-06-2006 16:23:10

and double lol @ him losing second game with his OP ame ^^