MOR matches vs Elite and KRG



17-01-2005 12:26:04

Game 1 AU at Elite2 on Great Sahara

AU_sims (Rome), AU_bird (British), AU_wolf (Mongols) vs. [Elite]Sniper (Turks), [Elite]Bearz (Iroq), [Elite]Tactic (Mongols)

This game is pretty exciting at first because their Turk/Iroq double in classic takes bird's cap while I'm not looking. Wolf sounded a false alarm and said he was the one being double, and I was looking in his direction instead of bird's when the 4 Turk cats showed up at bird's cap. We still win because wolf's attack on tactic succeeds as well, and because the Turk's econ isn't all that good even with the cap sack (his score lower than mine even after he takes cap).

Game 2 KRG at AU on East Meets West

AU_sims (British), AU_bird (Inca), AU_tl (Japanese) vs. KRG_Redfish (Germans), KRG_Jups (Greeks), KRG_4Stars (Aztecs)

For our home game we picked a map that played to our strength--booming. With tl (as a meatshield on the sea, bird and I are able to boom pretty much unimpeded. With British/Inca and diamonds (and in my case, Republic), we were able to get gigantic econs early on. We eventually won by outaging them at the end.


19-01-2005 21:55:17

Just watched the game we vs KRG. A thought I come up is that use carriers to knock down universities if possible. Fighter bombers can knock them down fairly quickly, and also can mass kill scholars after the univerities are down. lol Missiles may also work but I doubt the range is far enough to cross the sea and deep into the other continent.