MoR Cup 4 Games



08-05-2006 09:18:00

We got great map/civ/rares in all 3 games.

Game 1 - wolf/bird vs I on outback

Bird gets lakota against fear's iroq, but on outback lakota is much better than iroq and bird gets a very quick 1/0/1/1 with rax to counter the raid. Fear gives up and tries to rush wolf but fails.

Game 2 - sims/bird vs elite on atlantic sea power

Only 3 tiles separating the islands. 3 islands one with bird (lakota), one with bearz (inca), and one with sims and eoz (greek and korean). Obviously korean can't really keep up on a water map (also he built more mil), so eoz falls behind and loses cap in V. Check out bird's 1 HI raid on eoz and on the papy...pretty funny.

Game 3 - sims/bird/devilz vs twc on east indies

Again hax civs for east indies Egy/Bantu/Greek are 3 of the best for this layout. TWC german/chinese/inca is not bad either, but their rares aren't as good. What hurts TWC the most is that they don't grab land (well they try to but lose by a few seconds), so they have less metal, and so they can't be as aggressive, since their primary cities are facing AU's auxiliary cities. Also, we had papy/copper/citrus so our navy was unstoppable. Unfortunately, devilz dropped in V, so the rec only goes up to there. We saved and restored and devilz dropped again in VI, but bird and I replaced him with the AI and finished out the game. Devilz never got a government, lol.


12-06-2006 11:56:15

that was painful p