me vs wolfy



01-05-2006 14:59:25

Wolf asked me to post this one here.

1v1 sahara (and arena size D ), I got japs, he ame.

He started agressivly, but I managed to take his 3rd city.

Then I managed to lose almost won game (



01-05-2006 18:04:32

didnt get to watch it yet but probably gay american midgame taking over again


01-05-2006 19:58:01

agghghgh you went III with about 500 knowledge

you hit III earlier, then do my gay 2 rax attack, and u will win easily for sure. if you hit III at 8 min (u had 250 knowledge at 8 min), americans wont have time to build tca


01-05-2006 21:17:57

but we all know wolfy still hax ;(


02-05-2006 13:41:44

I could have ask him how to kill him (

But I've chosen to kill myself |


03-05-2006 03:46:16

Always build 2nd city with 2 vils. In 1v1 arena u shud build your 2nd before farms cus a li/fa/hi raid will often be gg without 2nd tc up.

Woody should have been towered in ancient, 1 LC isn't enough to protect it.

Dont go into wolf land with ur army and no scout )

Maybe put fort up after taking his 3rd city for a good push, then go IV and HA raid like mad.

2 II catas take all day to seige large cities, concentrate on pushing and his 3rd tc while LI spamming, going monarchy and getting cannons.


21-09-2006 18:41:55

how come wolfy hasnt replied to these comments