more funny 1v1s



31-03-2006 18:50:17

Bearz and I played a lot of 1v1s this week (I was on break). Most of them were normal boring games won by the better civ/map combo, but there were some funny games anyway...

Game 1 - sims (russian) vs bearz (german) on sahara

Bearz gets bad wood but a good start with horse/sugar and germans. I go for a risky fast 3rd city but it pays off. Once again entrench and senator owns everyone who tries to take the city.

Game 2 - sims (spanish) vs bearz (korean) on himilayas

We go for very different starts--I go sci1/mil1 and do an ancient raid (though I don't really get there in time to do anything) while bearz goes 1/1/2/1 in ancient since he has silk. We pretty much have equally economies throughout, but I have a slight advantage militarily entering IV, having sat in bearz's trade routes during late III while he bulids pyramids. But I get distracted killing the pyramids in the cap in IV instead of killing the cap directly, and bearz uses the extra pyra city to push himself to 74% of the map. I can't really do anything vs his 5500 hp cities. Maybe I should have gotten civ4 and the temple tech earlier but I don't think it woulda made a difference.