26-03-2006 17:58:54

jap com2 pwnage

wolf could have been saved probly if he either a) waited til GP or b) built tower behind 3rd city. my noob army raid defense screwed up my attack a bit.

i also posted an older game vs qeshm with the same strat. sadly these days i am just more or less rehashing the same strat over and over again when playing RoN...but this game has passed the test of time pretty well.

anyway japs should always be able to get 1/1/2/1 classic in 430 or so. in both these games i get 150/140 econs in 410 and 435 respectively.


26-03-2006 20:20:51

omg both noob ancient tower...

Would be fun if wolf had entrench and siege in front of his 3rd city. And wait for GP.


27-03-2006 04:49:04

ancient tower for noob

i build rax instead. archer + HI > tower. then infi queue miners and build tower is uber


30-03-2006 11:31:26

Face romans age down with no tactics, no problem. Just make more HI.

Here's the game...bearz kinda just screwing around but his 1059 GP was fast. If I didn't take out the rax I am dead after he rax spam. I like to take out rax first because it has few HP and gives me 2 rax to 0 advantage and gives me 80 food. Your opponent then has to rebuild rax so net gain is 200 resources + 45 seconds or so you have 2 rax to 0 production advantage.


30-03-2006 22:47:00

rofl GG!


31-03-2006 17:45:14

rofl sims i think ure the only 1 to get away with tthose kind of attacks as u are an unprdictalble player most tend to play normal, gg