MOR tourney- AOI v. AU



05-02-2005 21:42:41

Smeagol(Jap),Premium(Dut),Anarchist(Rom) vs. tl(Mon), bird(Jap),sims(Rom) on Warring States.

They triple ancient rush sims and eliminate him. Our damn noob scouting /. They then move on to bird's cap where they're repelled. We take back sim's cap (under bird's control). After that it's a 2v3 booming race with bird & I having a huge head start and great rares. Fun game that ends in Modern.

I think the triple rush in ancient was a bad idea... 2 of them probably would've taken sim's city (considering our poor scouting) and prem would've been able to boom big time w/ dutch. In any case, once they took sims city moving on to bird's was definitely a bad idea. At that point it would've been smarter to shore up sims cap, go to classical and siege bird's city with the boomer spearheading a really strong classical or medi attack. In any case, it's a good example of how this tourney can be really fun w/ the interesting map choice and strategy that AOI chose. GG


06-02-2005 01:53:46

damn i am a noob i micro fishing boats instead of looking at my scout and thinking, "man, 3 barracks maybe they're gonna rush me" dance


06-02-2005 02:44:00

The game roxxors, no doubt.

you go republic in the back and bird despot on front line. Then expand civ fast onto islands with metal and good rares and boom boom boom wink . Yeah, fortification on sims cap would have been a better call than pushing forward for AoI but you guys played defense well vs 3 guys. Was so fun to watch I was going to write a review and post it but I recently recieved an e-mail informing me that Eyecare or 2Biaz already did so expect to see it very soon.

Pondguy 8)


06-02-2005 10:04:39

Sounds like an interesting game. I didnt review it though. As my main comp is out of commission now and I don't have T&P on my laptop I won't be viewing this for a while.


07-02-2005 21:35:42

hmmm not booming after taking out sims and being late on the water hurt AoI a lot. but then again trying to out boom bird is not advised ^^ gg


11-02-2005 00:07:35

my eco was worse, i had no chance in early ages, like all other AoIs cause of rush. Next time better only 2 rush, and the guy with dutch boom.

But was funny, and with a better tactic we maybe can pwn u lol

But well played bird and tl (and sims for give us + 500 bonus P)

cya boys

sorry for my english, it sucks oops