playing again, a little



25-02-2006 01:20:58

A fun 3v3 from over the weekend. I'm pretty rusty but I can still pull these big team games out, i guess. Another example of why you must apply pressure on the pocket if he is ahead technologically...because in this game, the only thing you can't buy is knowledge and time, and if 1 player is sufficiently ahead in techs (= knowledge/time), you won't be able to catch up before you die.


27-09-2006 00:46:50

whats a pocket?


03-10-2006 22:41:23

middle player in a 3v3... as opposed to the wings.


03-10-2006 22:56:00

is there like a special support role you have to play as a pocket?


04-10-2006 12:14:55

2 main responsibilities as pocket- help a wing when they're doubled, outboom the opposing pocket.

Obviously there are other strats- doubling an opposing wing, rush, shaft your partners & just boom (sims!) ), etc, etc.

I logged into this game last night... like 20 people in the lobby, all noobs ;(.


04-10-2006 15:18:20

I dunno when you logged in but yesterday at times there were 60 people and at times there were only 10 people. Why wouldnt a pocket just function like a wing and go 1v1 with the opposing pocket? I mean if someone wanted to boom they could boom regardless of they were wing or pocket


06-10-2006 16:41:10

Can't just boom when a wing is doubled... otherwise you likely lose w/ one man out.

There's tons of team games up here (including this one)... take a look at some of the league games we've played & watch the pocket.


06-10-2006 21:59:38

I watched one where elcapitan was in the pocket as chinese. It seemed he boomed without any harassment


07-10-2006 04:22:59

Every strat has a counter strat, most people in teams are clueless tho.


09-10-2006 12:38:46

I'm not sure it's the game you're talking about but I played one w/ him where I was wing w/ brit & was doubled. He could boom alone b/c I defended the double. I think he wrote an article about it on his blog.