3vs1? perhaps...



05-02-2005 18:45:43

When your teammates don't know what they're doing, it's time to take the iniative!

At 13 minutes 3 enemy arrive to take back a Capital I've sacked, and fail. This rec is worth it just to watch from 1300 - 1420 - 58!

At end game I lose 90% of my army and survive solely through spy spamming and democrat healing to clinch the game.

One of my teammates kept yellow busy a bit. I say don't host or join good player games if you're not good.

They hated me twisted


06-02-2005 13:23:31

22 spies?? shock


06-02-2005 13:40:10

And I'd lost shitloads of em. By that stage I was pissed off that my teammates were so useless and had decided to be silly. I had plenty enough res for backups but spies did the job. 150 iron 150 gold per spy - ouch heh heh.