Indians + Republic



05-02-2005 18:06:47

Indians and Republic is an pwnage combo as long as you don't draw an opponent/civ that is too aggressive. Here's a recent example...the elephants just stomp everything in sight once in gp. Heheh. I think I probably should have went 1/1/1/1 and classic->republic fast rather than 1/1/2/1 then republic, tho...

You can pretty much do the same thing with Persia, but without the free elephant upgrade ull probably not be able to afford too many elephants early on.


05-02-2005 21:53:52

Do you think republic was really worthwhile with this sims? Your food wasn't above 150 for quite a long time. You got raped in classical w/ the raiding... I thought it was gg for sure. It was a crack up seeing you suddenly realize that com2 was a bad idea before classical (where the hell is my 189 food?). Heh. Your ele pawnage though was a pleasure to watch... jeez. gg.


06-02-2005 01:55:29

Well yeah, that's what I mean, better to have just gone 1/1/1/1 and then republic for 150 + raid defense, that way i dont get raped by the early classic raid and a 500 classic time, lol. I just saw bison and had the dumb idea to go 150 ancient, heheh. I don't think Republic is a bad idea with Indians since its easy to get 180 food with 3 cities. And I don't build too many rax units with Indians anyways, except for scouts. heheh. bananaboy


06-02-2005 12:07:32

I found with Indians

Market and temple in every city get gold up for Eles.

Best Wonder Pyramids - Extra food cos Eles and infantry both want food.

Next best Colossus - get gold up for Eles.

Defense is easy. Bribe units, eles to smash packs of hi, and having two heavy cav lines (eles are pretty heavy) really tears up infantry. Raiders to be countered and bribed. I had one game i had republican and 2 light horse then after raids i had republican 2 light horse 2 hc and an ha all bribed heh heh.

I fill three cities then the econ buildings and from there can commence to fight and boom simultaneously using 'tab'.

In Enlightenment games, I'm unbeaten with Indians. About 50 games. Why? I watched Sims noob with them and got inspired!