Dutch Rush



05-02-2005 03:00:15

Here's the deal

Make a caravan immediately and send it to enemy as raider.

Sci 1 fill 1st city up get merchants out scouting and a villy.

Classical by 200 shock

Mil, uni, senate, despot, mine, barracks, stable....

Make heavy infantry (upgrade hi) and cavalry (assorted is best)

Raid and sack by around 7-730.

Then go medieval to make city go large if enough buildings.

Dutch getting cap sack is good income to boom on.

In the rec....

I chose this example cos its funny and the opponent gets mighty sore about the treatment he's getting. I also be cheeky and go the whole game without mining



05-02-2005 19:07:02

hmm, what is the point of going classical so early if you're not going to attack for another 5 minutes?


05-02-2005 19:16:40

Despot for scouting(THE best scout)
Uni - knowledge
Mining (heh)
Rares that give knowledge or metal by then with Dutch
Puts the enemy in wtf mode
If your armed caravan arrives shortly after fast classical they think its a horse archer... Caravans pawn light cav P
For fun and to do something different D


06-02-2005 14:23:22

Yeah I watched the record of this one the next morning. Good Stuff..really funny, lol


06-02-2005 14:37:23

I tried a variant of this with 4 armored classical caravans attacking at 200, but the damn game only lets you make 2 caravans with one city...damn.


06-02-2005 14:49:30

Yes I'm glad you found i could have 2vans - pawnage P