Weekend's games



31-01-2005 11:52:07

Some of the weekend's games. I win some and lose some.

Game 1 - AU_sims (Bantu) and AU_wolf (French) vs KRG_Redfish (Americans) and KRG_Jups (Indians)

I go for a risky all-out gp boom with republic. It works because wolf draws both KRG's attention with his medieval attack. With bantu, you can delay military for commerce when aging and get a big econ lead over your opponent. Having wine, horses, relics, and silk never hurts either. lol Also, Americans suck now after the patch.

Game 2 - AU_sims (Germans) and TWC_Dogmeat (Indians) vs TWC_Tascan (Bantu) and TuF_Revenger (French)

Again I go for republic, but it sucks this time. Despite having a +50 to +100 econ lead for most of the game, I simply cannot match Tas's cheap despot + sugar troops. Tas does a good job of saving his troops when his classical and medieval attacks fail and beats me in Industrial. Crazy ending on my side.

Game 3 - AU_sims (Turk) vs AU_bird (Bantu)

Militia rushes can work even against the best players.

Game 4 - AU_sims (Bantu) vs PCA_Frogman (British)

I played terribly in this game, but it's funny to watch nonetheless as I attempt to secure a territory victory. Note to self it takes 6 cities and 2 forts to get a territory victory on small-size Sahara. That's with gems. Bad strat, lol...

Game 5 - FastTourney Final - 8 Player FFA - Atlantic Sea Power Peace to Info

I am first to info, first to supercollider, and first to eliminate the person closest to me, but I learn that in FFA being fastest isn't too important. Aspirin eventually wins a score victory (by 1k over bird after the armageddon) because no one attacks him except me and because of his missile shield. At the crucial moment when I am about to land on aspirin, bird nukes me three times and completely screws everything up. In long 8 player ffa, missile shield is crucial. Since that was the one endgame tech I didn't have (I had WG, GP, and AI), I was nuked to oblivion by every player on the map after taking out the first guy. Also note the use of leading on science and lagging on mil to get to info fastest.

Eventually, Aspirin missile shield basically buys him peace from everyone since no one wants to attack himi except me. That leads to his victory. Bearz, who is next to Aspirin, does not touch him all game as everyone on the map focuses their efforts on taking out the AUs.


31-01-2005 13:49:13

omg put them all in one folder! P


31-01-2005 15:02:12

damn i must say that one against bird looked like suicide for a while there, great job lol


31-01-2005 15:11:58

The FastTourney game is fun. At that time I thought it was sims preventing my wonder victory, so I nuked down his wonders except Supercollider. But in fact it was Aspirin. I had 20 wonder points, sims had 11, and Aspirin had 13. I should have nuked him first. In the game, he already had missile shield when I realized that. (Poor sims - effect of Supercollider superpower) bananaboy

Missile shield is really critical in such game setups. But I couldn't afford that with only a 6-slot mount. After World Government and Global Prosperity, Missile Shield needs 6600 metal. With 300 metal income, that would take 11min to mine metal. shock

Without missile shield, I got nuked and ICBM-ed by 3 or 4 persons. Don't know many nukes have fallen on my tiny island. Just barely hold my capital to prevent WG instant loss with Tikal and Taj Mahal extra hit-point, mass airforces, and Korean super repairing. lol

Throughout the game, I was surrounded in a corner with little metal for ships to breakout. The two surrounding me simply kept on nuking and attacking endlessly. When one was elimilated, the next one came. Ahhh, neverending. So I just wanted an armageddon. banghead


31-01-2005 20:09:34

buttrock GG


01-02-2005 05:40:41

great games buttrock