Can we have more uploaded games please! :)


10-01-2006 03:45:18

Hi guys I actually enjoy watching games more than play. Can we upload more games here so I can get more material? )

I am sure a lot of other players will love it too.


11-01-2006 17:00:35

[quote3d5197696e]so I can get more material[/quote3d5197696e]

[quote3d5197696e]I am sure a lot of other players will love it too[/quote3d5197696e]

this would be great

how bout all active AU players recorded games library be available for d/l?


11-01-2006 18:29:20

rofl omfg u guys are retarded


11-01-2006 19:13:21

[quote60bebcbd66="KIWI_Rootfifth"]rofl omfg u guys are retarded[/quote60bebcbd66]

u replying to a post on a dead forum to get ur post up is retarded


but i love this site no dis to AU but dorks are playing AoE3 and other games

RoN is one of the best games ever made, the community is what makes it great and AU is still holden it down

dont turn this into a flame post there needs to be a libaray of AU games from the past years

ron forever


11-01-2006 20:06:57

scroll down?


21-09-2006 18:44:32

we need regularly uploaded replays and not just one replay uploaded in 1 year


23-09-2006 00:03:43

i think this is the largest archive of 1v1s in ron enjoy them because there isn't a community of players that caliber anymore.

haven't played ron in quite a while, sad to say.


23-09-2006 02:03:56


try that


25-09-2006 16:59:58

Maybe I'll fire the game up to find a bunch of infinite or nomad games /. Anyone else playing other than jups or cal?