games this weekend



04-12-2005 17:40:25

Fun games this weekend

vicvicvic(R),AU_sims(R),_RU_Bounce(R),AU_tl(R)@RLM.rcx - This game is funny. Sims japs pwn my maya in III. He gets the cap sack but doesn't hurt my econ too bad & I kill his army. Sims uses the sack to wonder spam. I go double vicvic w/ bounce & get the cap sack over there. From there we're all booming but it's basically 2v1 vs. sims.

AU_tl(R),AU_sims(R)@RLM2.rcx - Dunno what these sims games contain but I'm sure he h4x.

Bengal_White(R) v. AU_tl(R) - Redfish & Jups(Bengal) start playing on lakes inca v. greeks. Redfish sees his lake only has 1 fish & resigns. They ask me to play for him. I get totally pwned by raiding in II but recover w/ senator & a couple units. From there it's a gg... goes to info. Good battles where entrench keeps me alive while an age down.

AU_devilz(R),Bengal_White(R),GAD_Renn(R),AU_tl(R),KIWI_Rootfifth(R),EADGBE(R)@SAHA.rcx - Devs pwns me on the wing. Jups (bengal) pwns dog (eadgbe), looks like we'll win then devs drops.

AU_tl(R),_AFO_Marduk(R)@RLM.rcx- persian v. dutch. Ele pwnage.


05-12-2005 00:08:25

Your lakota is noob. WTF is that fast 2nd woodcamp for? What are you going to use that wood for? Farms? Oh yeah, you cant build dont need any choppers other than the first two until you get your 1st city up. Read the Sims Lakota Strats and you'll learn how to play them well.


Good to see your inca pwn after you got raided to a +60/+20 econ tho. I love to pwn those raiding players.


05-12-2005 14:54:48

[quoted4c7465d5e]Your lakota is noob[/quoted4c7465d5e]
Damn, pwned. I usually go 2nd woodcamp to get market so I get rares /. I'll go read your strats, I'm a noob D.

I think that inca game jups was feeling like he was going to win in the next minute or so all game long.


06-12-2005 00:35:42

Damn i love to pwn those booming players ;p


06-12-2005 18:02:25

I love to pwn those players that seige in Midieval every game. P

What happened to them anyway? O ya, they learned how to play.... (


07-12-2005 16:31:35

those games on lakes where one person feels its one-sided the whole game are awkward...

i pulled ruskies vs nubians on lakes, with 1 or 2 fish, can't remember, to like 6-7.

eventually won, but was pretty sure it was only because the other guy was continuously expecting me to resign.


12-01-2006 15:33:04

rofl that lakes game is te best gay porn ever.

He's all hard and trying to make you his bitch and you taking all those slaps.

And just when he declares his intentions to fuck you you flip him over and pound te crap out of him.