lakota vs. inca boom



23-11-2005 01:19:36

go lakota boom

at first i was planning to attack, but then i got bored.

Here are some of my tips with lakota

1) You only need 2 woodchoppers in the beginning. All other vils should go to scouting because that is the fastest way to get food for Lakota. Even with sci1-com1 start and just 2 vils chopping, you should be able to get market/civ1 relatively fast (within 1 minute) and start your 2nd city only around 30-45 seconds after your opponent. Remember, you don't need wood in the beginning (what are you going to build, farms?)--all you have to do is get mass food ruins, and fast.

2) Vs. ancient raid civs get mil1 while civ1 and rax behind your 2nd city. You aren't spending wood on farms, so you should have wood for a rax easily. Otherwise build 2 markets and a temple at your 2nd city. I find that I actually have very good success against almost all ancient raid civs with Lakota, except for Bantu when they do the sci1/civ1/mil1 ancient raid start (since Bantu are eating your territory and raiding you at the same time = ouch).

3) Food rares make lakota an elite civ. With 1 food rare you are building 17 vils to get to classic (+10 food from rares, +20 from cities, 17*4 = 68 food from vils = +98 food). That's one more vil than a normal civ like Inca (8 woodchoppers + 8 farmers to get to +100/+100). The difference, of course, is you get 9 free miners (17 total vils -8 choppers) the moment you hit classic with Lakota. With 2 food rares, you get +40 food from rares and cities and you only have to build 15 vils to get to classic--that's one less vil than most civs, so you probably will be in classic in 3 minutes or so if you have 2 food rares.

4) Fast com2 is a good idea with Lakota because you will hit +100 all very fast. No other civ can match Lakota to +150 all except maybe Japanese, so get com2 and max out your cap to demolish your opponent with a big medieval attack.