AU vs KIWI mor



20-11-2005 17:23:31

here is our latest mor game....emw...i do a bunch of kamikaze raiding to make kiwi waste $ on making land armies, while bird takes over the sea. at the end of the game wave drops but kiwi concedes


21-11-2005 09:09:36

Was a nice strat sims ) You pretty much won you guys that game because of the raiding made us all build land army and you anoyed gigi very badly S


22-11-2005 07:00:48

watching that game, don't know why y'all didn't just send 2-3 hi back there and shut him down back in medieval


22-11-2005 19:11:54

I was hoping they'd do that...then I (one player) would slow down 3 booms.


23-11-2005 09:17:50

eh? hope that they'd shut you down cheaply and quickly?

instead they chased your raiders around for aaages, building more military and taking more damage.