bird is god - mor this week



13-11-2005 17:44:49

game 1 - au vs twc

bird is god. bird vs 3 twcs from V on.

game 2 - au vs krg

salt + sugar + relics = lots of roman HI. bird goes booming. tl makes lots of iroq hi.


13-11-2005 18:52:30

That first game was amazing... I knew I was toast pretty early so was just trying to last longer for bird to get into late ages. Shoulda built FC next to bird's cap /.

2nd game I just saw all the HI sims was making and didn't want to be left out of the party. Bird gets to V 1 second before I hit IV. lol.


13-11-2005 20:52:18

Stars picking British is not a very good choice as KRG is more offensive in nature. French I also don't think is a good choice when French player has good chances fighting Iroquois/Romans/Japanese.

sims tends to forgot research taxation. This time he simply had no temples.


13-11-2005 21:00:20

what is taxation


13-11-2005 21:01:19

69! lol


14-11-2005 08:47:59

Sims boycots tax research cause he hates it so much in real life ;(

Anyhow first game was really really really nice D


15-11-2005 12:22:15

Yipes! One second sims is riding +906 ruins bonus start, next his economy is collapsed and in hiding. O_o How did that happen?

tl vs tascan roman battle is pretty sweet, roman hi vs roman hi = many kills, very quickly.

Great work by bird.

It hurt to watch dog boom! Seems like he forgot all about his economy once he hit +150...


15-11-2005 13:57:22

[quote178ee93493]Yipes! One second sims is riding +906 ruins bonus start, next his economy is collapsed and in hiding. O_o How did that happen? [/quote178ee93493]
Dog's nasty raiding /.

I made 2 huge mistakes vs. tasc

- Shouldn't have let him build his 3rd city cutting off docks. My army was bigger @ that point so probably could've killed him /. Bird couldn't help though (over @ sims) so I dunno if the victory would've been clear.
- I researched ahead sci & civ before going GP thinking I would jump to V. This allowed tasc to come kill my vans and harrass me. I then had to use market to go GP which screwed my boom. I thought Bird would be available to help me get to V if tasc came but he was helping sims stay alive /. I should've gone quick IV and been more offensive... at least I'd have lasted longer.


15-11-2005 14:03:25

Where's the praise smiley when ya need it !


15-11-2005 16:57:54

I killed 4-5 merchants with my first HA, but didn't have enough troops ready for dog's raid cuz I was busy microing that HA and didn't notice before I lost a few vils. After that it was all downhill because after dog raided jups showed up with a big fa/hi army raid...and you can't stop that without units.


15-11-2005 17:49:10

ya... watching the rec a second time on fast forward... i see a big moment where tl and bird are teaming up to hit tas' forces in medieval... tl moves in without bird or upgrading from classical and basically loses everything without killing anything. bird still chases tas off, but O_o a lot of units lost.

^^ should've built yourself a rax earlier, sims. didn't get one up until like, 730? something like that.

not really a big deal, kinda decided already at that point, but when bird retakes the hole in V, nobody puts any fishing boats back out... except for you putting out 2-3 about 10 minutes later.


15-11-2005 20:08:43

Well the thing is bird takes the hole back in V, I put some boats out but then they got pwned by Tascan's subs and dog's heavy ships. 69. Importantly TWC never takes down bird's docks. It wouldn't matter anyway because bird could retake the sea by air (which is what he ended up doing).


16-11-2005 14:58:52

That was sick. Bird loves his planes... I do not think I have ever seen so many fighters in a real game...