AU vs SR_SL 2 vs 2



17-01-2005 11:39:32

Thought I'd best get some recs in so our beloved visitors have something to see oops

Old World Map

AU_Rambozo, AU_tl vs SR_Clovis_SL, SR_72nd Death Squad_SL

Nice game. I know Clovis is going to turn up en-masse as he is Japanese so I raid at my border on rares I've already spotted and wait for it. He still takes me by surprise with a massive amount of troops. I spam archers and get my Capital back but by that time near everything is razed. In the meantime I have built two more cities to try gain map control upon retrieving my Capital. tl pushes with his next city as well near dividing the SR_SL players.

Then we individually mop up.

This entire game was made easy for me knowing tl was there. his assistance was minimal as it wasn't needed (very well could have been needed though) but it's great to know you have that back up. In retrospect I should have had a villy on his side too!!!

Note the relics in between the opposition players that tl and I both have but they don't. It's small things like this that help to slowly widen the gap between teams leading to victory.