noob that brags about beating me



21-08-2005 01:26:40

This noob GPU_X bragged to his leader that he pwned me. Well that sounds fishy because I generally remember who I lose to (and beat) and I don't ever remember losing to this guy GPU_X. Anyway I searched through my recorded games and found a recent game where he presumably "pwned" me. Well, I invite the GPU clan leader to watch the game himself and to see who got pwned. Rolf. As you can tell from watching I wasn't exactly in a rush. GG


21-08-2005 03:06:14

lol, that was a prety shitty 1v1, on ur side sims ;) but i know u werent exactly, trying . . . u talking about the guy GpU_X with a rating of 2100 r something . . just to tell everyone there's easy points from that guy iff ya catch my #drift no offenses to him p


P.s is there a way to change my name is _FSF_Rushae without ccreating a new account?


21-08-2005 03:29:04

Yeah I'll change it for you. And yea, I wasn't really trying to do much...kinda got bored (that's why I went 4 cities in classic, lol).


21-08-2005 08:00:41

MASTER_X was the opponent in this game though Sims? GPU_X and MASTER_X are diff players arent they? I think I checked once. Reason I ask is that GPU_X absolutely blew a bunch of us away in a 3v3 (decent types - pond, kiwi etc) and I was like "wtf was THAT" and "who the f*&k was THAT". I've been "blown away" many times before but this one had an entirely different feel to it - very impressive.

BTW - gg sims - i like the way the persian push sucks up not only all the lake and his dock but also all the rares round the A-Hole D


21-08-2005 13:04:09

GPU_X is very good. I played a dozen games with him, and he won every single won, and in EVERY single one he finished with highest score. Gladiador had exactly the same feeling i did, he won but he blew everyone away. And i'm talking games with respected clans, no noob games. He's my fav new recruit really. Anyway, that was the word, i'll talk to X and see what's up with that. Peace


21-08-2005 13:45:01

sims, master_x is not my boy. also, conqueror(gpu founder) told me he really did beat u, recently. it's called GPU_X, or X only.


21-08-2005 13:53:18

I think this calls for a decider!!!

$10 on simsy.


21-08-2005 14:32:21

Well I got NO games with any GPUs in the past week! I wasted time searching through all of them...

Anyway thread closed. Just want to let the GPU guys watch the game...and besides with 900 losses (of course a lot OOS/drop/watcher, as with every1) I think it's no big deal if you go ahead and beat me.