games this weekend



14-08-2005 18:07:13

Been about a week since I played but had some ggs this weekend

- 4v4s that were fun but not super competitive X2
- faris/redfish v. tl/sims X2- faris 3 goes cities in ancient one game, the next redfish puts himself on a limb trying to get the kill early cause sims is uber.
- fasion v. tl- Germans w/ furs, papy + dia = a very tough civ
- deville v. tl- I gotta research tax & uni upgrade or I'm gonna get pwned.
- warhammer v. tl- Lakota ancient rush. Gogo militia!
- redfish v. tl- This is a great game w/ constant fighting from III on. Goes to info.


14-08-2005 18:49:39

hehe you played a lot, ggs