super-fast turk militia rush



12-08-2005 18:02:59

Here's a variation of cap's turkish militia rush. Basically your target is to hit the opponent with 15 militia and 4 catapults in the 5-6 min range. The build is simple. Play normal, but research mil2 and get a tower in ancient. Once you go classic, build 2 mines for +25 metal each, and then raze them (you can also make phantom towers in ancient and delete them in classic for the metal). You should be able to immediately research militia and build 2 workshops. Attack the first city you see. Keep 5 farmers at home so you can keep villager infinite queued. Attack.

The resource balance works out because you hit classic with 100 metal. 2 mines gives you 50 metal, razing 2 mines gives you another 50 metal. So you have 200 metal to spend on militia and 2 siege workshops (72 + 2*60 = 192 metal).

Here is an example game, but I didn't get many ruins. Also you should probably throw in despot so your militia are stronger and your siege have supply. This would work a lot better with a double.


12-08-2005 18:44:18

btw sims, i saw this once when British made on LordAOF, but i think its not so useful


12-08-2005 18:57:33

duuude thats the fastest milita strat I've seen until now...and I bet if u practise alot on it and are lucky with ruins that u could hit the opponent in about 04.30

but its weak if your opponent get an barracks in ancient..and harder if
your opponent has 2 citys.


12-08-2005 19:40:18

hehe I think too, he trained a lot to do this, especialy vs me ^^ gj sims P


12-08-2005 20:58:04

Yeah british did it, but he did it at 9 min. When he attacked Lord already had 8 barracks units! That's way too late. Good thing lord built 3 LIs and 3 archers, which get mauled by militia. Lol.


12-08-2005 21:19:31

lol, yea micro is really important if u'r gonna survive an attack from the milita rush...same when u'r attacking...a little mistake and your whole army can get wiped


12-08-2005 23:28:08

tower in ancient , attrit at classical, gg.
Sims did this to me on himalaya once and i tried to counter it with stable and rax units after he took out my poorly-placed forward tower- bad idea.


12-08-2005 23:50:39

You'd be surprised how many times you don't have the 88 wealth/88 metal in the bank for researching attrition when you need it most. If you're only researching it when the attack comes you're probably gotta research it beforehand.


13-08-2005 13:27:06

Yes, for what it does and when, it should be cheaper or different res it's a gamble taking/not taking attrition with militia builds out there.


13-08-2005 15:30:46

well i tried it out and well my oponent got militia'd !