funny good 4v4 from weekend



09-08-2005 01:36:42

AU_bird(R-Jap), AU_sims(R-Indians), KRG_Sebi(R-Romans) and KRG_Faris(R-Turks) vs. KRG_4Stars(R-Inca), TwC_NiggeR(R-Americans), devilz(R-British) and TwC_JupS(R-Maya) on Great Sahara

Well this was like my 2nd team game back from a 2 week layoff and i play like it. Still a really funny game. I thought at first that I'd try for a GP attack but I screw up my build because I forgot to gather metal, so I go into pure boom mode vs an American, British, and Inca on the other side. Indian late game is just so good because of non-ramping and cheap wonders. Early on bird gets double raided and his econ goes to hell, then Faris (his pocket) starts falling to the double as well. On my side Sebi and Jups are deadlocked and me and 4Stars are playing a boom war. Very close game, comes right down to the wire.


09-08-2005 13:10:56

i thought you guys were dead for sure GG


19-08-2005 09:42:18

me too GG