06-08-2005 01:14:26

2 ggs.

1st roman v. roman on sahara in rated. ends in IV. I make a critical early mistake by not watching my army and lose it, never to recover. Good rares both sides though advantage w/ him w/ furs/relics/dye/gems.

2nd roman v. japs on lakes. He drops in VI but the victor was pretty decided. I go com2 start and basically play defensive w/ a bit of raiding. Lose a couple battles but the jap boom helps me recover.


06-08-2005 13:44:11

Japs are the shit for agressive playstyle. i got more 'trophy' wins out of japs than any other nation.

Only 2 reasons i lose with japs - completely shitfaced or an expert on other team.


06-08-2005 13:54:23

I think they're the shit for defensive booming too w/ their uber farms + fishermen. Your opponent has to wonder if you're gonna show @ his doorstep w/ 5HI and a couple LC @ his cap in late Classic which is gg unless he's totally prepped. This gives you the opportunity to put unis up early and just boom. This game I forgot caravan & tax so my wealth sucked but he spent much of the game border pushing. If he'd spent his resources on units he probably could've won.