MoR Week 3: AU vs KIWI and TWC



23-01-2005 19:47:10

Game 1 AU at Kiwi on Australian Outback

After studying their win vs TWC last week, I realized that we would probably be facing a Dutch-Mongol-Aztec matchup on Outback. They switched the Aztec for a Jap, but otherwise my prediction was correct. Knowing this beforehand, we countered with Jap, Mongols, and India. The first two choices are obvious, but the last choice (mine) was simply because I wanted to make KIWI think twice about doing a plain boom-to-GP, since Indian elephants are so dominating in GP-Enlight. We win because wolf manages to break through Killa's side after some pretty hard fighting, and because bird supports me while I hold the double from the Jap and Dutch. Overall nice pocket play by bird again, who (I think) wasn't raided all game long.

Game 2 TWC at AU on East Meets West

We draw this game mostly because of the 45 min time limit, and because I played like a moron. (There were people in my room during much of the game, and it really distracted me, but even considering that I sucked.) Bird pwns as usual but Doggy's Egyptian wonders are a huge pain since it's almost impossible to attack on this map until the very late ages. We will have to re-think our home strategy after this game.

Overall, we are still undefeated and have opened up at least a 1 game lead in the loss column on PCA, KIWI, and KRG. But we (or I should say I) can't afford to play stupid like in Game 2 and give up any more free points to the competition.


23-01-2005 20:25:17

Game 1

I did not raid any. On Outback, when half of the econ is on land and half in the sea, raiding doesn't hurt the econ much. Focus on booming is better. Raiding some important rares are good though. Indians' elephants are good, but picking Indian is risky when being double on wing in classical and medival.

Game 2

Not picking Egyptian might be a mistake. But in general, the game very likely will end in an armageddon when playing strong teams on that map.


24-01-2005 04:47:52

lol sims i killed ½ of ur attack troops when u did the VI attack (u left ur troops near the shore ON sea to be killed -.-)
pwnd no re


24-01-2005 09:54:00

I saw that, they didn't land automatically and I was frantically clicking them to get on the damn shore


24-01-2005 11:24:30

In general, the game very likely will end in an armageddon when playing strong teams on that map.[/quote144db7b4d5]

Damn, you knew that beforehand, why did you choose the map at all ? I know, i know, it's your only chance not to lose, but don't you think that is a bit lame? roll



24-01-2005 11:30:01

Noooo, I thought of that afterwards. Because I didn't know that we would play with time limit and there are no wonder and territory victories.


24-01-2005 22:10:53

You have not played with time limit before? read rules maybe?


24-01-2005 22:26:40

He's just giving an analysis, read it for what it is. pee