funny elephant raiding



14-07-2005 23:49:29

AU_sims (R-Indians) and AU_bird (R-Chinese) vs. TWC_Dogmeat (R-Persians) and TWC_Jups (R-Nubians)

Indians + bison = hax. I try a 2 elephant + 1 lc raid with some success. Pretty lucky that dog didn't go for the ancient raid, though...that woulda messed up the sci-com start.


15-07-2005 04:50:44

I think my team play is usually quite strong, but in this game i was left in such a dilemna towards the end of V. Owned the majority of the map but still felt trapped. Any suggestions what was best to do on my side?


15-07-2005 10:33:52

(14) Build a wonder.

It's hard though cuz those elephants a pain and dog was hurting pretty badly (more than bird). Your army was huge but it was hard to do much with the elephants on the board. You definitely could have used commandos in early VI though. That would probably have let you break through bird a lot faster and force me to help him earlier.