MOR finals



10-07-2005 17:28:56

first game AU (home) vs TWC


10-07-2005 18:07:24

second game
TWC (home) vs AU


11-07-2005 19:45:27

I know there must be a reason....why sims why choose Iroqouis on outback?

I am guessing you were going to try and take them off of their game with ancient raiding? Still on Outback? There must be something my noobness is missing.

GL next game,


11-07-2005 23:02:57

Yah the ancient raid killed me more than anything else. Noob mistake.


11-07-2005 23:33:09

no reviews? ?


12-07-2005 15:03:57

its in anarchy concealed 58!


12-07-2005 16:23:11

Well there isn't much to say about either game; neither was a close game. In the first game we had hax rares (silk silver papy and citrus) and dutch, and knobi early sea raid and me annoying classical raid (even if it didn't kill a lot of stuff) drew attention away so bird can boom away. Noobiness is that I forgot taxation til enlightenment (I'd rather forget this than a university upgrade though, which is what usually happens). After a while we get a huge navy and start a blockade, invade, gg. 2nd game I picked Iroq on outback and tried to ancient raid with 4 ppl on wood. This backfired badly cuz I got few ruins and ended up hurtng myself more than anyone else. As a result I got quickly pwned by Jups medieval attack, too fast for bird and kn0bi to make up with their booming.



15-07-2005 11:01:17

What's the thing with east meets west? Honestly I think it's the lamest thing you can do on MoR / The games are as boring as shit


15-07-2005 12:04:42

Well our team is more suited to an EMW game. If we had wolf we woulda picked Sahara or Outback.

Also both games were laggy as hell, that's why all players micro was sux.


21-07-2005 14:49:53

im teh noob.
gg twc.