some games vs nuuk



27-06-2005 01:34:21

Game 1 AU_sims (Americans) vs. TWC_Ascalon (Persians) @ Himilayas

Bascially nothing goes right in this game. I get off to a slow start due to poor ruins and have a lot of trouble stopping nuuk's ancient raid. Then nuuk's classical raid comes and I have a late stable so my rax units get pwned. Final note is that taking republic with Americans when you're down doesn't work too well. It was harder to cap 200 than I thought it'd be.

Game 2 AU_sims (Germans) vs. TWC_Ascalon (Japanese) @ Amazon

I get off to a much better start, getting decent ruins and furs/silk, so I can go classic early at around 310 for fast mine/uni. Nuuk opts for Jap com2 and goes classic around 440 with a bigger econ. He loses a few units in my classic raid for the same reason as me in the other game (no stable = stable units pwn archers in open field) but I am noob and let his hc kill my 3rd city builder. After that the game is very tight. Pretty much anyone can win most of the way. The key points are that I repel both of his attempts to take my 3rd city with fewer troops in III and IV. Garrisoning the tower behind the city with 5 vills really helps in these battles because towers can reduce the strength of archers/LIs pretty well. Nuuk has a late fort that hurts him a bit when I take his 4th city, however my noobiness in infinite queuing 5 bombards neutralizes the advantage at that battle a bit. After that we have a few more interesting battles at Nuuk's 4th city (he pwns my army after I take the city for a few moments in VI) and my 4th city (he takes my 4th city for several minutes but I tech up to Modern and manage to take it back). The key at the end of the game is just that I had more scholars/knowledge production starting around V, and the Taj Mahal built in VI really helped as the game dragged on into info.


27-06-2005 03:39:24

Nice =)


27-06-2005 08:10:11

real nice games


27-06-2005 09:22:59

I messed up the 2nd game <-.->