good games



12-06-2005 22:26:03

The game my russians vs sims lakota is a very weird game. sims got my cap and destroyed my farms; I was noob to rebuild the farms in cap and lost the farms again when the cap got sacked again. This repeated 2-3 times. oops Then sims went VI, I was noob with only 1 library - lost the library city while going VI. !

After that, don't know how I managed to get sims cap and hold it, turning the tide. Remarkably, I onlt had 150ish econ at the end.


12-06-2005 22:49:43

lol, check the econ graph for the whole game--i'll post it when i wake up tomorrow. Pretty funny...

The map layout really sucked for me in this game--I had only 2 lanes for attack, and bird's giant cliff gave his 3rd city a lot of protection. My only chance was to go for his cap.


13-06-2005 10:07:35

This was one of the funnier games I've seen. I was completely shocked sims took bird's cap his 2nd attack (considering he got pawned his first )). At one point, sims has all the cities on the outside edge of the map, bird holding the middle cities. In any case, the power of lakota shines here as after classical they can be nasty....